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Descripción de la Empresa
Our company is active in the field of solar photovoltaics connected to the network for 12 years.
In the face of growing demand for applications that are not connected to the network, we have developed a branch specializing in autonomous solar facilities.
We offer photovoltaic kits assembled and tested in our workshop.

● Kits for boats and motorhomes
● Kits in 12V for recharging batteries or small remote site (hut,...)
● Kits in 230V for standalone home
● Kits networks (photovoltaic system without batteries)
Detalles de la Actividad de la Empresa
Tipo: Flexibles
Gama de Potencia(Wp): 15-140


  • MX FLEX 15-130W
    100 ~ 130 Wp Monocristalino
  • MX FLEX Protec...
    100 Wp Monocristalino
  • Mono 12V 100W
    100 Wp Monocristalino
  • MX FLEX Protec...
    100 Wp Monocristalino
  • MX FLEX 140 W ...
    140 Wp Monocristalino
Detalles de la Actividad de la Empresa
Tipos de Componente
Inversor, Seguidores Solares, Monitor, Data Logger, Sistemas Solares
Seguidores Solares
Numero de ejes: 1, 2
Sistemas Solares
Categoría: Conectado a la Red, Aislado
Potencia del Sistema (kWp) : 0,05-250
Tipo de Sistema: Pitched Roof
Fabricación OEM


  • Hybrid inverte...
    -- kW Hibrida
  • Hybrid inverte...
    -- kW Hibrida
  • Hybrid inverte...
    -- kW Hibrida
  • Hybrid inverte...
    -- kW Hibrida
  • Hybrid inverte...
    -- kW Hibrida
  • Hybrid inverte...
    -- kW Hibrida
  • Hybrid inverte...
    -- kW Hibrida
  • Hybrid Inverte...
    -- kW Hibrida
  • Hybrid inverte...
    -- kW Hibrida
  • 5kW hybrid inv...
    -- kW Hibrida
  • 3kW hybrid inv...
    -- kW Hibrida

Sistemas de Almacenamiento

  • Lithium Batter...
Ejemplo de los Instaladores que Usan Esta Marca
Detalles de la Actividad de la Empresa
Candidad minima para pedido (€) 1
Cobertura del Servicio África, Europa
Desde 2008-06-30
Idiomas hablados Alemán, Inglés, Francés
Productos del Vendedor


    Q CELLS Monocristalino
  • JNS60MB-320-33...
    JNL Solar PERC
  • JLS120M360WB -...
    JNL Solar Monocristalino
  • JLS60P - 270-2...
    JNL Solar PERC
  • Standard M.60-...
    SoliTek Monocristalino
  • Blackstar Soli...
    SoliTek Bifacial
  • Powerslate Mon...
    Soluxtec - Die ... PERC
  • HiE-S340-350SG
    Hyundai Energy ... PERC
  • Q.PEAK DUO ML-...
    Q CELLS Monocristalino
  • HiE-S390-400VG
    Hyundai Energy ... PERC

Sistemas de Almacenamiento

  • Pylontech - 50
    Pylon Technologies Autónomo
  • Triple Power 4...
    SolaX Power Autónomo
  • sun | powerpac...
    Hoppecke Aislado

Our Company



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▶ Battery    

Featured Products

Battery UP monitoring

The revolution, which comes after the rapid evolution of connected objects, promises to be full of opportunities.
Tomorrow's house will be fully connected. Home automation will make your life easier with a multitude of remote features.
Battery UP is a smart and innovative solution for energy optimization.
Some features are under development.


This revolution, arising from the new evolution of connected objects, promises to be very exciting.
The house of tomorrow will be fully connected. Home automation will ease your life with a wide range of remote functions.
Battery UP is a smart and innovative solution for energy optimization.
Improve your energy use and reduce your costs.
Follow your consumption on the Battery UP website by clicking here.


• Communication:
Between the Battery UP box and the battery's BMS.
Sharing of data and interaction between the various components of the system.
• Interaction:
Generate interactions between your connected appliances and your battery.
Thanks to the IFTTT solution, you are able to interact with your connected equipment, your solar production, your battery storage.
• Anticipation:
The data gathered on your Battery Up box will allow you to anticipate the use of your production but also to interact with the different components that make it up.
They will warn you in advance with useful information to help you to make the right choices.

Create real-time IFTTT scenarios

IFTTT lets you turn your consumers on or off depending on your battery's state of charge
• Create scenarios thanks to IFTTT
IFTTT allows you to activate or deactivate your consumers on the state of charge of your battery.
• Real-time battery power status
Check OUT your battery settings no matter where you are.
• A light provides an indication of the charging status
With Hue Light, you are able to adjust the intensity and colorimetry of a light bulb to indicate the charge status of your battery.

Simple, WiFi-connected battery monitoring

An immediate web connection to your battery fleet
• Free of charge
• Data stored for 30 days
• Recording every 15 seconds
Real-time data
Thanks to your WIFI, connect real-time to your Battery Up account and check out all the energy flows.
Access your data everywhere in the cloud by logging into your account.
Mobile Alerts
Set up and receive your different IFTTT alerts on your mobile phone.

Significant benefits

• EASY and QUICK to set up: Setting up the Battery UP box takes less than 5 minutes and does not require any technical knowledge. A simple installation process manual is also available online. And if you have any problems, our online support will be pleased to assist you.
• Rapid and accurate data: Your data is available in real-time and recorded every 15 seconds and is accessible at all times via the Cloud.
• Optimised energy consumption: Through simple IFTTT scenarios, based on internal (e.g., % battery) and external (e.g., weather forecast) information, Battery UP will advise you on the use or non-use of your appliances and is able to trigger them at your request to ease your life. (=Automation of consumer management)
• The wireless connected battery: Thanks to its WIFI adapter, you can find out the status of your battery in real-time.
• Interoperability with IoT products/services, your battery and the Battery UP box.
• The wide range of situations you can create is only limited by your imagination.
• Customisation: Generate scenarios to match your needs

Visual Chart

Visualize easily the development of your energies
• Energy stored in the battery
• Energy taken from the battery
• Production of solar panels
• Energy taken from the grid (or alternative source)
• Energy injected into the grid (if possible)



Photovoltaic Tracker 2 axes 20 panels

Follower photovoltaic 2 axes 16 panels


Map of our facilities

Detalles de la Actividad de la Empresa
Fecha de Lanzamiento de Instalación 2008
Conectado/Aislada Conectado, Aislada
Tamaño de la instalación Instalaciones Menores
Área Operadora Bélgica, Burkina Faso, Benin, RD Congo, Suiza, Camerún, Francia
Úlima Actualización: 8 abr. 2022