Shenzhen Zlpower Electronics Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Zlpower Electronics Co., Ltd

Building 2, Runteng Shangpai Industry Zone 1, Number 3, Yonghe Road, Shiyan town, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, Guangdong
+86 755 29105850
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Shenzhen ZLPOWER Electronics Co.,Ltd.established in 2006 year .We are national high-tech enterprise which professional researchig,manufacturing and exporting UPS power supply,Inverter power supply,Solar inverter,car charging pile,EPS Power supply.

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Inversor, Controladores de Carga
Controladores de Carga
Tipo de Tecnología
Aislado, Hibrida
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Company Profile

Shenzhen ZLPOWER Electronics Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and exporter in the field of UPS power supply and Solar power system for more than 11 years. Our aim is to create a national brand of UPS and power supply products.
We are a technical enterprise which research, manufacture and export UPS systems, Inverters, Solar products, AVR, DC power and Free maintenance lead acid battery. 
We Own:
8 Production lines, 11 Years of experience
68 Countries and markets over the world
300 Experienced Workers, 50 Professional Engineers
Free OEM Service, Fast Lead Time 7-30 days, High Quality (CE&ISO)
Our experienced R&D team enables us to build customized product lines for clients. 
Beside OEM and ODM customizations, we also provide complete after sales service and technical support for any customer who need.
We are eager to be your expert UPS power supplier and protect your power in real time. We can supply you not only 400~2000VA small UPS for computer market, Big Online UPS with capacities up to 600KVA/540KW, but also pure sine wave inverter with capacities up to 20KW. Besides that, we can always offer you lead acid battery with long expected life, Solar products to protect your power with solar and so on.
And we are looking for agents worldwide to distribute ZLPOWER UPS and power supply products to their local markets. 
Any interests please welcome to contact us today to look for best power solution.






  • 0,0493 / Wp
    PSC Plus Series
    3 ~ 5 kW Hibrida
  • 0,118 / Wp
    GS 1000W-3000W
    1 ~ 3 kW Hibrida
  • 0,0794 / Wp
    GS 4000W-6000W
    4 ~ 6 kW Hibrida
  • 0,0547 / Wp
    GS 8000W-12KW
    8 ~ 12 kW Hibrida
  • 0,0285 / Wp
    HD Plus 1KVA-2...
    1 ~ 2 kW Aislado
  • PW Series 8-12...
    -- kW Aislado
  • PSK2-5KW
    -- kW Aislado
  • LW Series 1-6KW
    -- kW Aislado
  • HDX Plus Serie...
    -- kW Aislado
  • HDP Series
    -- kW Aislado
  • 0,0616 / Wp
    GS Series1-12KW
    1 ~ 12 kW Aislado, Hibrida
  • 0,0739 / Wp
    GS series 8K
    8 kW Aislado, Hibrida
  • 7,39E-5 / Wp
    PSC Plus
    2400 kW Aislado, Hibrida
  • 0,108 / Wp
    GS 1-3 KW
    1 ~ 3 kW Aislado, Hibrida

Controladores de Carga

  • 65,7 / Unidad
    SL series

Sistemas Solares

  • 7000 Wp
    9 Paneles 60 Inversores

Sistemas de Almacenamiento

  • EL Series 48v ...



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