Changzhou Sunday Energy Co., Ltd.
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Tipo: Policristalino
Gama de Potencia: 200 ~ 210 Wp
Región: China China
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● Highest quality, high-transmission tempered glass provides enhanced stiffness and impact resistance
● Advanced EVA encapsulation system with triple-layer back sheet meets the most stringent safety requirements for high-voltage operation
● A sturdy anodized aluminium frame allows modules to be easily roof-mounted with a variety of standard mounting systems
● Ultra reliable bypass diodes prevent damage through overheating due to shaded or defective cells

Características del Producto

No. de Modelo
SDP-200 SDP-205 SDP-210
Características Eléctricas en STC  
Potencia Máxima (Pmax)
200 Wp 205 Wp 210 Wp
Tensión en el Punto de Máxima Potencia (Vmax)
35,88 V 36,01 V 36,12 V
Corriente en el punto de máxima potencia (Imax)
5,57 A 5,69 A 5,81 A
Tensión en Circuito Abierto (Voc)
45,47 V 45,51 V 45,51 V
Corriente de cortocircuito (Isc)
5,71 A 5,77 A 5,91 A
15,27 % 15,66 % 16,1 %
Tolerancia de Potencia (+)
+ 2,5 % + 2,5 % + 2,5 %
  Condiciones de prueba estándar (STC): Masa de aire AM 1,5, radiación 1000W/m2, temperatura de célula 25°C,
Características Eléctricas en NOCT  
45,3±2 °C 45,3±2 °C 45,3±2 °C
  Temperatura en condiciones normales de operación (NOCT): 800W/m2, AM 1,5, velocidad del viento de 1m/s, temperatura ambiente de 20°C
Características Térmicas  
Rango de Temperatura -40~85 °C
Coeficiente de Temperatura de Pmax -0,41 %/°C
Coeficiente de Temperatura de Voc -0,34 %/°C
Coeficiente de Temperatura de Isc 0,04 %/°C
Parámetros del Sistema  
Tensión Máxima del Sistema 1000 V
Limite de Corriente 15 A
Características Mecánicas  
Dimensiones (A/A/F) 1320x992x35 mm
Peso 15 kg
Tipo de Células Policristalino
Numero de Células 72
Tipo de Vidrio Templado
Grosor de Vidrio 3,2 mm
Tipo de Trama Aleación de Aluminio Anodizado
No. de Diodos Bypass Incorporados 3
Caja de Proteccion de Uniones IP 67
Tipo de Conector MC4
Cables 4 mm2
Largo de Clable 900 mm
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Changzhou Sunday Energy Co., Ltd, is a vertically integrated manufacturer of solar wafers, cells and PV modules, and is headquatered at 888 Chenfeng Road Jintan City, Changzhou, China. 

The rapid industrial development in Jiangsu Province had accelerated the development of a centralized photovoltaic industry and had enabled Sunday Energy to achieve cost competitiveness by leveraging on a strong supply chain and dynamic logistics support in the region.

Our products come with industry leading product warranties, and they meet stringent quality and safety standards, by achieving industry recognised product quality certifications such as PID-free, ISO, CE, TUV, IEC, MCS and UL.


Sunday Energy is a highly professional, competitive and efficiently setup solar PV manufacturer, who started off in the production of mid-range and small power class solar modules catering to off-grid applications. We have recently expanded our manufacturing line and production capacity to produce top quality, high power wattage modules for utility-scale and rooftop applications. Our modules cover a wide range of power class from 2 Watts up to 360 Watts, with both monocrystalline and polycrystalline PV modules available.

With a wide range of quality, reliable products, coupled with a cost-leading competitive advantage, Sunday Energy modules have been widely deployed in several countries across the world, where we are successfully establishing our brand presence in several key markets outside China. 

To further develop our market reach and expand our brand presence, Sunday Energy has established strong relationships and long-term cooperation with our channel partners in Europe, South America, India, Africa, Middle East and South East Asia.

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Changzhou Sunday Energy Co., Ltd.

No. 216, East Jinsheng Road, Jintan District, Changzhou, Jiangsu
No. Empleados: 85
Empresa Madre: sundayenergy investment power technology Co.,LTD.
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Our factory has been engaged in solar products manufacturing related to high quality and competitive prices since 2013 with 2 hours' drive from Shanghai city,our brand Sunday Energy was originated from Italy in 2009 and now it is getting more and more convincing from Australia/Brazil/Japan/South Africa/India/Thailand/Philippines/Jordan/Yemen Republic/Turkey/Bangladesh...etc.

We have the availability of making Silicon PV modules concerning all kinds from 3Wp~500Wp (96 cells,1956*1310*45mm),with the latest technologies and worldwide famous raw materials for encapsulating,and the annual capacity of factory is 500 mega watts including standard and non-standard panels.All of our clients have been well benefited and greatly reputed from their own marketplaces.


Producción (MW)/0: MWp
Monocristalino, Policristalino
Gama de Potencia(Wp): 5-500

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