SL220-20M 265-285

Jiangsu SunLink PV Technology Co., Ltd.
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Tipo: Monocristalino
Gama de Potencia: 265 ~ 285 Wp
Región : China China
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1. Positive tolerance of up to 0-+3% delivers higher output reliability
2. Heavy snow load to 5.400Pa, wind load up to 2.400Pa
3. Excellent low light performance on cloudy days, mornings and evenings
4. Rigorous BOM quality testing,an automated manufacturing process and 100% EL double-inspection
5. Suitable for use in various harsh environments by creating higher resistance PID, salt-mist and ammonia

Características del Producto

No. de Modelo
SL220-20M265 SL220-20M270 SL220-20M275 SL220-20M280 SL220-20M285
Garantía de Producto 10 Años
Garantía de energía 12 años de 90% potencia de salida, 25 años de 80% potencia de salida
Características Eléctricas en STC  
Potencia Máxima (Pmax)
265 Wp 270 Wp 275 Wp 280 Wp 285 Wp
Tensión en el Punto de Máxima Potencia (Vmax)
31,1 V 31,3 V 31,5 V 31,7 V 31,9 V
Corriente en el punto de máxima potencia (Imax)
8,53 A 8,63 A 8,74 A 8,84 A 8,94 A
Tensión en Circuito Abierto (Voc)
37,7 V 37,9 V 38,1 V 38,3 V 38,5 V
Corriente de cortocircuito (Isc)
9,12 A 9,23 A 9,32 A 9,4 A 9,49 A
16,3 % 16,6 % 16,9 % 17,2 % 17,5 %
Tolerancia de Potencia (+)
+ 3 % + 3 % + 3 % + 3 % + 3 %
  Condiciones de prueba estándar (STC): Masa de aire AM 1,5, radiación 1000W/m2, temperatura de célula 25°C,
Características Eléctricas en NOCT  
Potencia Máxima (Pmax)
195 Wp 198 Wp 202 Wp 205 Wp 208 Wp
Tensión en el Punto de Máxima Potencia (Vmax)
29,8 V 29,9 V 30 V 30,1 V 30,2 V
Corriente en el punto de máxima potencia (Imax)
6,55 A 6,63 A 6,74 A 6,82 A 6,89 A
Tensión en Circuito Abierto (Voc)
34,7 V 34,8 V 34,9 V 35 V 35,1 V
Corriente de cortocircuito (Isc)
7,06 A 7,19 A 7,31 A 7,43 A 7,55 A
45±2 °C 45±2 °C 45±2 °C 45±2 °C 45±2 °C
  Temperatura en condiciones normales de operación (NOCT): 800W/m2, AM 1,5, velocidad del viento de 1m/s, temperatura ambiente de 20°C
Características Térmicas  
Rango de Temperatura -40~85 °C
Coeficiente de Temperatura de Pmax -0,45 %/°C
Coeficiente de Temperatura de Voc -0,35 %/°C
Coeficiente de Temperatura de Isc 0,055 %/°C
Parámetros del Sistema  
Tensión Máxima del Sistema 1000 V
Características Mecánicas  
Dimensiones (A/A/F) 1640x992x35 mm
Peso 18 kg
Tipo de Células Monocristalino
Tamaño de las Células 156×156 mm
Numero de Células 60
Tipo de Vidrio Templado
Grosor de Vidrio 3,2 mm
Tipo de Trama Aleación de Aluminio Anodizado
No. de Diodos Bypass Incorporados 3
Caja de Proteccion de Uniones IP 67
Tipo de Conector MC4
Largo de Clable 900 mm
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About SunLink PV


Contributing to the world’s green energy development and alleviating world’s energy crisis.


To focus on our customers’ market challenges and needs by providing excellent solar modules and PV power generation solutions in order to consistently create maximum value for customers.

A Green Company:

We recognize our responsibility as a global citizen and specifically as a green-energy technology manufacturer. We continually strive to reduce the environmental impact of the work we do and the products we create.

Protecting the environment is critical to the conservation of precious natural resources and the continued health of our planet. We are constantly working to minimize our impact on the environment. We have an active recycling program both for our office and production facilities as well as for our products which are designed to be recyclable.



Jiangsu SunLink PV Technology Co., Ltd.

Nanyuan Road, Economic Development Zone, Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu
No. Empleados: 500
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SunLink PV founded in 2004, is dedicated to be a world-leading solar module and PV power generation solutions provider. We specialize in producing high quality and high efficiency solar cell and solar module ranging from 5W to 315W both mono-crystalline and poly-crystalline. We also can provide technical consultation support for our end installers' on/off grid PV system.

Our module production capacity is 500MW with 200MW solar cell production capacity. We strictly carry out ISO9001 quality management system. With our internal R&D Center, we implement strict inspections on in–coming control, process control and out-going control. Our products had been obtained IEC 61215, IEC 61730 Ed.2, UL1703 certificates. We can provide double-warranty to our customers' Introduction, including SunLink PV’s product warranty and worldwide product liability insurance.

We focus on building long-term partnerships with distributors and PV integrators. Through our passionate employees and strongly cooperative R&D capabilities, we can react quickly to customers' needs with excellent and stable products and close services.

SunLink PV has been carrying out the globalized marketing and sales strategy. After over 10 years of hard efforts, we are becoming more and more internationalized. Our products and solutions have been deployed in over 20 countries and regions. We established our offices of distribution net-works in Germany, Italy, Australia, North America, South America and South East Asia, with which we can get closer with our customers, listen to them and react quickly for their needs.


Producción (MW)/2016: 500 MWp
Monocristalino, Policristalino
Gama de Potencia(Wp): 5-360

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