Topray EVA 2

Topray EVA 2

Shenzhen Topray Solar Co., Ltd.
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Different types of EVA film available: high transparent, high UV cut off, white high reflection

Excellent weather resistance against high temperature, high humidity, ultraviolet

Good adhesion in between the glass and different types of back film

Low shrinkage to ensure component stability during lamination

Características del Producto

Características del Producto  
Tipo Curado Estándar
Longitud del rollo 150-400 m
Contenido en Gel ≥75 %
Características de Estabilidad  
Resistencia a la Tracción 16 Mpa
Modulo de Young 6,5 Mpa
Elongación 750 %
Risistencia al Pelado (Encapsulantes-Cristal) ≥95 N/cm
Resistencia al Pelado (Encapsulantes-Lamina Posterior) ≥88 N/cm
Contracción Térmica (Longitudinal) ≤2 %
Contracción Térmica (Transversal) ≤0,5 %
Resistivadad Volumétrica >1,016x10 ^100 Ω·cm
Caracteristicas Ópticas y Termicas  
Transmisión de Luz ≥24 %
Bloqueo ultravioleta Longitud de Onda 360 nm
Tiempo de procesamiento  
Temperatura de curación 0-30 °C

Shenzhen Topray Solar Co., Ltd.

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Room 801-804, Block A, Future Plaza, 4060 Qiaoxiang Rd. Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong
No. Empleados: 3.000
Nota: Su Consulta se enviará directamente a Shenzhen Topray Solar Co., Ltd..

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Descripción de la Empresa

Founded since 1999, Topray Solar group is a professional solar manufacturer with over 20 years of rich experience. As a stock exchange company. Topray Solar group has six factories in different part of China, produce different sectors of the solar value chain

* Solar glass: 7GW

* EVA : 5GW

* solar cell

* solar panel (on grid + off grid): 2GW

* solar wafer

The above mentioned vertical integrated ability enable us to resist risk of short supply of material, late delivery and big price fluctuate, which happened from time to time in the solar industry.

Taking advantage of our supply chain advantage, we will be able to provide a better and one stop service to our customer (supply glass + EVA as a package, OEM solar panel manufacturing…..) , and be more flexible when doing business

Our solar panel has all required certificates around the world: IEC(range of certificates) , UL, BIS, INMETRO, CEC…

Our solar glass and EVA are supplying to world class solar panel manufacturer both domestic and abroad.

Topray Solar is awarded as National level high-Tech Enterprise, 3%-4% of sales turnover re-invested into R&D, up till now we have obtained 583 patents, including 56 invention patents

Topray Solar is also a PV project developer, invested over 700MW of solar power plant of our own, more projects are in the pipeline.


Feature Product - Topray Solar Glass

• The transmittance of our coated solar glass is over 94% !

• Proprietary 800°C online coating technology.

• Anti-aging, acid-resistant, anti-fog, abrasion-resistant!

• Topray solar glass is low-iron, rolled product formed with pattern on one surface. The pattern provides the desired obscurity while retaining high-transmission values.

• It is the best for making PV modules and solar flat collectors.

Application of our solar glass

• Our coated solar glass can improve the output power of the solar module at least 3.5%.

• Solar modules that integrated our solar glass withstand high level of wind loads. (2400Pa) and snow loads (5400Pa).

• Anti-reflective, hydrophobic layer of solar module surface improves light absorption and reduces surface dust.

• Solar flat collector withstand high pressure-Bearing up to 0.9MPa.

• All our solar collector are with Coated PV Glass, the light transmittance rate reach 95%, which can guaranteeing 2-3% more overall yield compared to conventional collector.

• Anti-reflective, hydrophobic layer of solar module surface improves light absorption and reduces surface dust.

Production process of solar glass- Raw plate

Production process of solar glass- AR coating


Optical Property

Thermal Property

Mechanical Property

Transmittance Curve Comparison

Product List

● Silicon Ingots & Wafers, Cells & Panels - 1GW Annual Capacity

● Solar Glass - 4GW Annual Capacity

● Own Solar Power Plants (Grid Connected) - 560MW

● Solar EPC - 200MW Annually

● Solar Consumer Products - 1 Million Units Annually

● Solar Thermal Water Heater Accessories - Heat Absorbers & Thermal Glass

● Complete Equipment Lines for Solar Panel Manufacturing

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