Polycrystalline 5BB 157.00 mm

Polycrystalline 5BB 157.00 mm

Lux S.r.l.
Tipo de Células: Policristalino
Gama de Potencia: 4,52~4,64 Wp
Región: Italia Italia
Nota: Su Consulta se enviará directamente a Lux S.r.l..


Through a series of chemical and thermal processes every single silicon wafer is converted into a photovoltaic cell. The cells are the soul of a module and ensure its ability to generate energy. The dimensions of a cell are the same as those of the wafer from which it originates, the typical blue color is due to antireflective process.

Características del Producto

No. de Modelo
1840 1850 1870 1880 1890
Características del Producto  
Tecnología células Policristalino
Dimensiones 156,75×156,75 mm
Diagonal 220,6±1 mm
Espesor de Celda 180/200 ± 20 µm
Superficie Frontal (-)  
Material de la Barra Colectora Plata
Capa Anti Reflectante Nitruro de Silicio
Superficie Posterior (+)  
Material del Punto de Soldadura Plata
Superficie de la Cara Posterior (BSF) Aluminio
Características Eléctricas en STC  
Potencia Máxima (Pmax)
4,52 W 4,55 W 4,59 W 4,62 W 4,64 W
Tensión en el Punto de Máxima Potencia (Vmpp)
0,534 V 0,538 V 0,542 V 0,545 V 0,547 V
Corriente en el punto de máxima potenci (Impp)
8,411 A 8,452 A 8,523 A 8,549 A 8,582 A
Tensión en Circuito Abierto (Voc)
0,629 V 0,631 V 0,636 V 0,638 V 0,64 V
Corriente de cortocircuito (Isc)
8,894 A 8,918 A 8,995 A 9,021 A 9,054 A
Eficiencia de la Célula
18,40 % 18,50 % 18,70 % 18,80 % 18,90 %
Factor de Llenado (FF)
80,29 % 80,81 % 80,75 % 80,95 % 81,01 %
Características Térmicas  
Coeficiente de Temperatura de Pmax -0,39 %/˚C
Coeficiente de Temperatura de Voc -0,32 %/˚C
Coeficiente de Temperatura de Isc 0,05 %/˚C
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Lux S.r.l.

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Via Fernando Santi 27, 15121, Alessandria
Nota: Su Consulta se enviará directamente a Lux S.r.l..

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Simone Anania -
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Since 2009, Lux produces multi crystalline ingots for photovoltaic applications in its plant in Alessandria. Through different cutting operations, the ingots become wafers which are later transformed into multi crystalline cells. The latest become photovoltaic modules, once assembled and welded together.

Alongside to its production, Lux can provide an ingot growing service, processing the silicon supplied by potential partners or grow ingots for R&D purpose for cutting tools and machines manufacturers.

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