Ideematec to Supply SafeTrack Horizon for 5MW PV Project in Namibia

Publicado el 14 ago. 2014
August 13, 2014 - IdeemaTec has once again demonstrated its engineering expertise and the flexibility of its horizontal tracking system. For the project, 64 safeTrack Horizon trackers are being optimised to accommodate 546 thin-film modules per unit. 

A prerequisite for winning the contract for the solar farm planned near Omburo, which is 130 km north of Windhoek, was to offer a technical solution for the stress-free mounting of CIGS modules. A diverse range of fixing points ensures that stresses are intelligently distributed, enabling the torsional forces on the module rack to be absorbed. This therefore ensures that thin-film modules can be used without any problems.

IdeemaTec is responsible not only for supplying the tracker system but also for its correct commissioning. This is planned for the end of 2014. Once the solar farm has been completed, the energy generated will be fed into the grid belonging to the national utility, NamPower.

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