REC Group and Sonnenstromfabrik to Expand Cooperation

Publicado el 2 mar. 2022
REC Solar  Sonnenstromfabrik 
REC Group and Sonnenstromfabrik today announce that both companies have entered into a memorandum of understanding to form a strategic partnership.

The planned cooperation will concentrate on setting up a production of high-performance modules at the Sonnenstromfabrik site in Wismar, Germany by using REC's patented split cell and junction box technology, as well as on further joint projects in European markets. Sonnenstromfabrik has focused on the premium segments of the photovoltaic industry with a specialized product portfolio. In line with this, the partnership is intended to accelerate efficiency improvements in Sonnenstromfabrik's photovoltaic modules. By using REC's split cell and junction box technology, higher yields are achieved even under partially shaded conditions. Through the cooperation with REC, Sonnenstromfabrik gains a major advantage in optimizing half-cut cell technology for PERC modules.

Under the memorandum, the parties will also avoid any disputes relating to REC's EP 3 017 520 patent, which is directed to REC's leapfrog and award-winning split cell and junction box technology. A mutual cooperation agreement will be finalized at a later date and the parties expect it to include a license to REC's EP 3 017 520 patent. REC's split cell and junction box technology has been incorporated into REC products for more than half a decade and is a key feature of REC Group's advanced solar panels, the TwinPeak 4, N-Peak 2, Alpha and Alpha Pure Series.

The companies have already been cooperating for several years, with REC being a key contributor to Sonnenstromfabrik's low-carbon products, supplying wafers produced in a correspondingly more sustainable manner from REC's production site in Norway.

Dr. Bernhard Weilharter, Managing Director of Sonnenstromfabrik / CS Wismar GmbH:"Through a strategic partnership with REC, we will fast-track our pace toward uncompromising high-performance technology made by Sonnenstromfabrik. REC's patented split cell and junction box technology has currently become unavoidable due to solar cells getting larger. Cells must be cut to reduce currents to a level that can be handled by inverters. REC's innovative technology has been widely recognized in the industry for enabling unmatched gains in performance and efficiency."

"At REC, we clearly understand that real energy transitions can only happen with bold innovations. Considering the urgency of climate change, we need to accelerate the spread of high-efficiency clean technology now. As a multiple award-winner and frontrunner for pioneering solar products, we are proud to join forces with a premium brand such as Sonnenstromfabrik and provide access to our leading technology in a manner that recognizes REC's hard work and investments and respects fair competition. This will further empower consumers, offering them the highest possible performance and the most benefits," emphasizes Jan Enno Bicker, CEO at REC Group.

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