RECOM Launch its PUMA Serie Shingled PV Modules

Publicado el 24 feb. 2022
Higher efficiency, lower cost, better aesthetics… the solar industry demands constant improvement. RECOM is meeting all these demands and more with its new PUMA module series. Join this pv magazine Spotlight to discover RECOM's corporate profile and the technology behind the PUMA series. The module's shingled interconnection approach eliminates more gaps than many other 'high-density' designs, delivering higher watts per square meter. 1 MW of PUMA modules requires 3.1% less space than a standard half-cut cell module, making PUMA ideal for residential or commercial rooftop installations.

In manufacturing, cells are cut into 5 or 6 pieces, and these shingles are connected at the front and rear edges using an electrically conductive adhesive (ECA). This ECA replaces soldered copper ribbon, creating a flexible interconnection, and avoiding thermal and mechanical stresses at the silicon/ribbon interface that can cause cell cracks to develop. With the cells overlapping, better heat dissipation reduces the risk of hotspot damage, and there are lower resistive losses and a 0.34%/°C reduction of the Low Power Thermal Coefficient.

With fewer gaps and a larger active area, the PUMA series boasts high module efficiency. RECOM's power plants, certified to ISO 9001 and 14001 standards, have shown a 4.1% increase in yield per square meter in hot climates. This means lower BoS costs, with 13% fewer modules needing to be installed, and in shipping a 16% boost to kWp per 40' HC container. To wrap it all up, RECOM's PUMA series modules are protected by up to 30 years transferrable linear power warranty. The series promises to further establish the presence of RECOM in the solar industry, which already counts with a 750 MW production capacity, and with sales of over 1 GW solar modules in 85 countries.

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