Sungrow Supplies Inverters to C&I Rooftop PV Plant in China

Publicado el 22 jul. 2021
Sungrow Power Supply 
Sungrow announced the Company supplied inverter solutions to the commercial & industrial rooftop PV plant, endowing a capacity of 120 MW, in Jining, China's Shandong province.

Located in the industrial park covering 43 rooftops, the PV plant is expected to generate 110 GWh per year, powering the industrial park facilities and feeding the excess electricity it produces into the grid as one of the grid-parity projects.

The string inverter solutions for industrial rooftops feature multiple MPPTs, ensuring a high yield despite the impact of shade. The high protection capability makes the inverter robust even in the industrial rooftop application where it's vulnerable to corrosive conditions and extreme heat. With compact and highly integrated designs, the inverter solutions streamline installations and O&M, making them an ideal match to the distributed generation market.

Sungrow proves a robust track record of performance in projects it powers and offers a wide range of commercial inverter portfolios that tackle different applications' requirements. "We focus on renewable energy as it plays a major role in fighting climate change. Being part of this landmark project proves that Sungrow offers an optimized and pragmatic solution, along with industry-leading services and trusted delivery," said James Wu, Vice President of Sungrow.

China's poised to move the country toward a cleaner and low-carbon energy structure with an initiative to strive to reduce carbon dioxide emissions before 2030, and achieve carbon neutrality before 2060. Sungrow is pioneering product innovation while committing to making renewable energy more flexible and accessible to more facilities and communities; thus facilitating green economic growth.

Fuente: Sungrow
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