Hanergy Bags 400MW Solar Power Station Project in DR Congo

Publicado el 9 jul. 2019
Hanergy Thin Film Power Group today announced that it has secured a strategic order for setting up the 400MW solar photo-voltaic power plants in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

José Maboya Nzalingo, General Secretary of Ministry of Energy and Hydraulic Resources said, "Our strategic partnership with the global clean energy giant, Hanergy is a step ahead towards meeting DRC's original target of 65% electrification by 2025, letting alone the new Sustainable Development Goals of universal electricity access by 2030. By dint of joining forces with Hanergy to set up the country's first and the largest solar power station project, we're confident of providing sustainable and stable energy supply in the Democratic Republic of Congo."

The initial strategic partnership framework agreement suggests that energy generated in the first stage is estimated to be 20MW, benefiting over 100,000 people. With the total capacity of 400MW, the multiple power stations are expected to solve the problem of energy inadequacy of DR Congo. The project is also aimed at generating around 10,000 jobs and providing education to create 100 technology specialists.

Guo Bin, CEO of Hanergy Uganda Company said, "We recognise the potential of renewable energy in Congolese market and have set out an organized and specific road map to accelerate our expansion plan in the country while supporting the unruly need of sustainable and stable energy supply in the country. The present 400MW solar power station Project is primarily aimed at meeting the on-peak demand of nearby mining companies and reduce local diesel consumption, while reducing carbon emissions substantially."

Fuente: Hanergy
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