Solaria Partners with Quick Mount PV and Enphase Energy

Publicado el 25 sept. 2018
Solaria  Quick Mount PV  Enphase Energy 
Solaria Corporation announces that they will make their products available with Quick Mount PV and Enphase Energy, Inc. Available through select distributors, the complete solution gives solar installers the ability to streamline installation and ensure homeowner satisfaction at the lowest possible cost.

"Solaria is thrilled to be partnering with Enphase and Quick Mount PV to deliver residential rooftop solar systems of unmatched efficiency, attractiveness, and reliability," said Solaria CEO Suvi Sharma. "Joining forces with Enphase and Quick Mount means our extensive network of installers can profitably provide their customers with high-performance solar arrays that are easier to sell, more efficient to install, and likely to generate referrals."

"The vision at Enphase has always been to make solar simple and energy smart," said David Ranhoff, chief commercial officer of Enphase Energy. "We are delighted to work with Solaria and Quick Mount to take the philosophy of integration to the next level and deliver entire systems that enable simplified system deployment and reduced installation costs to solar installers."

"Quick Mount PV works every day to make solar easier for solar installers," said Quick Mount PV President Yann Brandt. "A fully integrated solution alongside Solaria and Enphase brings installers another option to increase speed and quality for homeowners across the country."

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