OG&E and SunPower Announce Completion of 10MW Solar Plant

Publicado el 12 mar. 2018
Oklahoma Gas & Electric (OG&E) and SunPower Corp. announced completion of a 10MWAC solar photovoltaic power plant in Covington, Okla.

"With Covington online, we now have 12.5-megawatts of solar generation in our portfolio, all of which has been presold to customers who want the benefits of solar power," said OG&E Chief Operating Officer Keith Mitchell. "Along with our solar facility in Mustang, Oklahoma, Covington helps us continue to learn how solar can complement our other generation sources to provide reliable and low-cost power to our customers."

"The SunPower Oasis platform and SunPower P-Series solar panels are optimizing the cost-competitive solar power generated for OG&E customers," said Tom Werner, SunPower president and CEO. "We commend OG&E for its commitment to solar, and for selecting high performance SunPower technology to ensure a long-term return on investment."

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