ET Energy Commences to Build 19MW Solar Project for Astronergy in Turkey

Publicado el 19 abr. 2017
ET Solar  Astronergy 
ET Solutions AG announced that it had started the construction of a 19MW solar power project in Turkey for Astronergy.

Situated in Kahramanmaras, Osmaniye and Ankara, Turkey, 71,064 Astronergy modules will be installed on 29 hectares of the land. The project will be commissioned by the end of October, 2017, and its annual power generation will reach 37,000MWh.

Acting as turn-key solar energy solutions provider, ET Energy has also signed a 2-year O&M services contract to secure a Performance Ratio of 80% and stable power generation for over 25 years, which gives rise to the reinforcement of local grid infrastructures.

"Our German engineering and expertise has once again helped us obtain the trust of customers and secure the grid-connection within a tight time frame," Dennis She, President and CEO of ET Energy said. "Like we did in the past in Antalya projects, the highly delivered results is expected to surpass the targeted performance ratio."

"Astronergy is quite glad to work with ET Energy on this project. The high reliability of Astronergy's PV modules and the expertise of ET Energy will ensure the successful operation in the future. We have strong ambition to develop more solar power plants around the world. " Commented by Dr. Chuan Lu, the CEO of Astronergy.

Fuente: ET Solar
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