Belectric Realized 3.8MW Project of its 100MW Portfolio in Chile

Publicado el 10 feb. 2017
Belectric completed its second PMGD compliant project, located in El Boco, Chile. The power plant was built by Belectric Chile with close support of the German affiliate, which also provides the O&M services.

For the 3.8MWp, 3.0MWAC, project in El Boco Belectric utilizes thin-film technology from First Solar and an inverter system manufactured by SMA. "In comparison to European solar power plants Chilean power plants convert an immense amount of sun energy into eco-friendly electricity. Our engineering teams has developed a customized system design for El Boco to catch the lowest LCOE for this region", explains Martin Rodillo, Managing Director of Belectric Chile. As a result, the solar power plant in El Boco delivers best performance and provides an excellent return on investment.

The Chilean PMGD (Pequeños Medios de Generación Distribuidos) programme offers solar PV investors a stabilized price for generated electricity with reduced financial risks and is essentially similar to a feed-in tariff. Belectric Chile is currently developing a portfolio with up to 100MW PV capacity which is been offered to investors. The solar PV power plant El Boco was built for Minería y Montajes CONPAX. "Belectric has access to much more than a decade of solar PV experience. Their customized EPC solutions combine local environmental and grid requirements with the state-of-the-art power plant technologies to provide the best power performance", says Cristián Pérez from CONPAX.

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