Sunworks Chosen to Oversee Solar Energy Projects for Amazon Fulfillment Centers

Publicado el 18 jul. 2016
Sunworks, Inc. announced today that Amazon has contracted with Sunworks to oversee the rooftop solar installations of 1MW mounted projects in both Reno, Nevada and Windsor, Connecticut. Sunworks was selected based on its history, experience and reputation as a quality solar provider. 

"A company of Amazon's caliber demands the best when partnering on any project. This contract is a testament to the quality of the Sunworks brand in that they chose us to make sure this project is perfect," said Jim Nelson, chief executive officer, Sunworks. "This is an exciting time for Sunworks and Amazon to forge a strong lasting partnership for future projects." 

The Sunworks contract will run an estimated 12 weeks from July through October of this year. Sunworks will provide engineering and technical support, observation and documentation of progress for each project, and on-site services and coordination between vendor activities with site facilities, operations, and safety staff to minimize disruption of operations. 

Sunworks will serve as the primary representative of the Amazon Energy & Environment Team to the on-site Amazon Personnel. 

Fuente: Sunworks
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