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  • Fecha de inicio: 24 may. 2023 Fecha de finalización: 26 may. 2023
    Lugar: Shanghai, China China Veces Celebrarse Antes: 15
    Expositores: 1600 Visitantes: --
    SNEC's "16th (2022) International Solar Photovoltaic and Smart Energy (Shanghai) Conference and Exhibition" has been postponed to May 24-26, 2023 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center (No. 2345, Longyang, Pudong New Area, Shanghai).

    The event was initiated by Asian Photovoltaic Industry Association (APVIA), Chinese Renewable Energy Society (CRES), Chinese Renewable Energy Industries Association (CREIA), Shanghai Federation of Economic Organizations (SFEO), Shanghai Science & Technology Exchange Center (SSTEC), Shanghai New Energy Industry Association (SNEIA) and jointly organized by 25 international associations and organizations.

    The exhibition scale of SNEC has evolved from 15,000sqm in 2007 to over 200,000 sqm in 2021 when it attracted over 1,600 exhibiting companies from 95 countries and regions all over the world and the overseas exhibitor ratio is over 30%. SNEC has become the biggest international PV tradeshow with incomparable influence in China, in Asia and even in the world.

    As the most professional PV exhibition, SNEC showcases PV manufacturing facilities, materials, PV cells, PV application products & modules, PV project and system, energy storage and mobile energy, covering every section of the whole PV industry chain.

    The SNEC conference consist of various programs incorporating different topics, covering the market trends of PV industry, collaboration and development strategies, policy directions of different countries, advanced industry technologies, PV finance and investment, etc. It is an opportunity that you cannot miss to stay up to date on the technology and market, present your results to the community, and network with industrial experts, scholars and entrepreneurs and colleagues.

    We are looking forward to the worldwide PV industry friends gathering at Shanghai, China. From the industry's viewpoint, let us take pulse of the PV power market of China, Asia, and the world, so as to guide the innovative development of the PV industry! Hope all of us meet at Shanghai, on December 27-29, 2022!





  • Fecha de inicio: 8 ago. 2023 Fecha de finalización: 10 ago. 2023
    Lugar: Guangzhou, China China Veces Celebrarse Antes: 12
    Expositores: 2000 Visitantes: --
    We are very pleased to announce that Guangzhou International Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition (PV Guangzhou) has officially renamed Solar PV World Expo(PV Guangzhou). With a brand new name, the show is getting off to a strong fresh start in 2021 too!

    Solar PV World Expo ( PV Guangzhou) is South China's biggest solar PV exhibition, which has been held for 12 years. The event is expected to cover 40,000 sq.m show floor at China Import & Export Fair Complex this year. Many well-known photovoltaic enterprises have participated in our exhibition for many times, like JA Solar, Mibet, Hanergy, LU’AN Solar, Growatt, Solis, NPP Power, 3Hz-Solar, Moodoo Electronic, Sunte Solar, Density New Energy, Amerisolar, and so on.The simultaneously occurring China Int’l Energy Conservation, Energy Storage & Clean Energy Expo 2021 will present an additional line-up of energy options, including wind energy, bio-energy, power supplies, heating tech and so on.
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    Fecha de inicio: 8 ago. 2023 Fecha de finalización: 10 ago. 2023
    Lugar: Guangzhou, China China Veces Celebrarse Antes: 13
    Expositores: -- Visitantes: --
    PV Guangzhou has been held for 12 consecutive years and is an important exhibition platform for global photovoltaic companies to promote trade and promote brands. The content of the exhibition covers all areas of the photovoltaic industry, including raw material supply, main and auxiliary materials, mechanical equipment, photovoltaic cells, photovoltaic modules, photovoltaic engineering and photovoltaic application products. Together with new energy fields such as energy storage and bioenergy, the exhibition is jointly exhibited every year. The cumulative exhibition area has reached more than 300,000 square meters. Chinese enterprises have gone global and introduced overseas enterprises to establish a good business service platform. PV Guangzhou attaches great importance to the organization of visitors and has received support from more than 200,000 professional visitors, of which more than 60,000 attended the last exhibition.

    PV Guangzhou has been consistently affirmed and positively evaluated by companies in the solar photovoltaic industry. It has a high reputation and industry influence, and it is also an internationally renowned solar industry event. In order to better serve the solar photovoltaic industry and further expand the international influence of the exhibition, the 2020 "Guangzhou International Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition" will be optimized and upgraded, and it will be officially renamed "Solar PV World Expo 2020". This exhibition will be grandly held in Area B, Canton Fair Complex, Guangzhou from November 18th to 20th, 2021! Solar PV World Expo 2021 expects more than 900 exhibitors, an exhibition area of ​​60,000 square meters, and more than 60,000 professional visitors from more than 100 countries. Domestic and foreign brands to expand the Chinese market is an important canal , and also the best choice for global distribution network, the photovoltaic industry is an important platform for new product launches and annual trade oriented.
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    Fecha de inicio: 8 ago. 2023 Fecha de finalización: 10 ago. 2023
    Lugar: Guangzhou, China China Veces Celebrarse Antes: Nuevo
    Expositores: 635 Visitantes: --
    To stage China’s BIGGEST Battery Trade Show in 2020, WBE plans to fill 40,000 sq.m show floor with 800+ exhibitors! The 5th World Battery Industry Expo will be an other highlight, featuring 40 sessions in 2 days to be starred by 100+ industry experts!

    Moreover, the show will be held under the same roof as China Int’l Energy Conservation, Energy Storage & Clean Energy Expo, covering other energy options like charging piles, wind energy, solar power, power supplies, bio-energy, and heating technology!
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    Fecha de inicio: 7 jun. 2023 Fecha de finalización: 9 jun. 2023
    Lugar: Seoul, South, Corea del Sur Corea del Sur Veces Celebrarse Antes: 41
    Expositores: 244 Visitantes: --
    The 42st International Exhibition on Environmental Technology & Green Energy is Korea's largest environmental technology and new renewable energy trade show. Through effective trade exhibition and operation system, it helps enterprises to promote overseas exports and growth. In 2017, the number of visitors to 41,706 projects surpassed 486.4 billion won. The largest domestic environmental professional exhibition in Korea with a total of 700 booths and a total exhibition area of 13,194 square meters.

    Major domestic and overseas outstanding environmental exhibitors, overseas purchasers with purchasing power to make decisions (1,375 in 2016), introducing new technologies and major products through international environmental technology seminars and product demonstrations, and cooperating with overseas companies such as the China Environment Association Related groups to establish an exchange system to support South Korean enterprises to enter overseas. With 39 years of environment-specific exhibition experience, through the direct invitation of overseas buyers and promote targeted trade negotiations.
  • €320 / m2
    Fecha de inicio: 27 mar. 2023 Fecha de finalización: 29 mar. 2023
    Lugar: New Delhi, India India Veces Celebrarse Antes: Nuevo
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    Smart Energy India Expo is instrumental in connecting India’s fast-growing renewable energy sector. The expo is the premier B2B platform to drive your business into the future using sustainable energy solutions. India’s growing demand for energy and commitment to greener fuels, make it the most diversified and investment-friendly opportunity. Going forward, Renewable Energy & Natural Gas are projected to play pivotal roles in the Indian energy market.
  • €280 / m2
    Fecha de inicio: 23 ago. 2023 Fecha de finalización: 24 ago. 2023
    Lugar: EE.UU EE.UU Veces Celebrarse Antes: 2
    Expositores: -- Visitantes: --
    The Energy Expo (3rd edition) takes place March 2 to 4, 2021 at the MACC Convention Center in warm Miami, Florida.

    The tradeshow and conference present Equipment, Technologies, Products & Know-how for the SOLAR PV, SOLAR THERMAL, ENERGY STORAGE, HVAC, LIGHTING, SMART BUILDINGS & ELECTRIC VEHICLES industries.

    TEE21 serves United States, Latin American and Caribbean huge markets comprised by more than 40 countries. It works as the proper platform to CONNECT with buyers, professionals, manufacturers, dealers, developers, contractors, governmental entities and potential reps in the western hemisphere, from Miami, the Business Capital of The Americas.

    The event includes Exhibits, Accredited Courses, VIP Sessions, Bilingual Tracks, "Happy Hour Latin Party and more...

    This year edition adds new features and extensive benefits -including immediate exposure- to exhibitors and sponsors once they join the program. For opportunities see the TEE21 Exhibit / Sponsor Prospectus.

    Attendees, coming from ALL the Americas, will experience a truly professional, cost-effective and language-friendly environment where they can get the best deals, access innovation, obtain educational credits, scout representations and more.
  • €260 / m2 €130 / entrada
    Fecha de inicio: 7 dic. 2022 Fecha de finalización: 9 dic. 2022
    Lugar: Gandhinagar, India India Veces Celebrarse Antes: 12
    Expositores: 238 Visitantes: --
    Intersolar is the world’s leading exhibition & conference series for the solar industry. As part of this event series, Intersolar India in Mumbai is India’s most pioneering exhibition and conference for India’s solar industry. It takes place annually and has a focus on the areas of photovoltaics, PV production and solar thermal technologies. Since 2019, Intersolar India is held under the umbrella of The smarter E India – India’s innovation hub for the new energy world.
    With Intersolar India in Mumbai, Intersolar Europe in Munich, Intersolar North America in San Diego, Intersolar South America in São Paulo, Intersolar Mexico in Mexico City and Intersolar Middle East in Dubai, Intersolar events are represented on three continents.
  • €132 / m2
    Fecha de inicio: 14 dic. 2022 Fecha de finalización: 16 dic. 2022
    Lugar: Hefei, China China Veces Celebrarse Antes: Nuevo
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  • Fecha de inicio: 10 oct. 2023 Fecha de finalización: 12 oct. 2023
    Lugar: Breukelen, Holanda Holanda Veces Celebrarse Antes: Nuevo
    Expositores: -- Visitantes: --
    Vakbeurs Energie is the largest energy exhibition of its kind in the Netherlands. It is the place-to-be for energy professionals, whether it concerns a specific improvement or an integral approach, from reducing energy consumption to stricter purchasing policies.

    ★ Sustainable use of energy: a necessity

    Cutting energy costs reaps rewards in the long run. Energy-efficient buildings hold their value better and are easier to let. Lower production costs push up margins and make companies more competitive.

    ★ Energie & Industrie

    Energie & Industrie is the platform for renewable energy and saving energy in the industry.

    ★ Ecomobiel

    Interested in sustainable mobility and mobility management? Pleasetake a look at Ecomobiel, which takes place at the same time and place as Vakbeurs Energie.