Kyocera Corporation

Kyocera Corporation

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6 Takeda Tobadono-Cho, Fushimi-Ku, Kyoto 612-8501
+81 75 6043500
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Kyocera Corporation

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Monocristalino, Policristalino


KYOCERA is a manufacturer which follows its own production till panel assembling. KYOCERA masters its production chain and manufactures its wafers itself. Most of its panels are assembled in Europe, which is a proof of quality, reliability and traceability. Kyocera sales service is to be recommended, they do not hesitate to change a faulty panel.

-- Techno sol'air

Kyocera has the longest history (more than 15 years) of Japanese PV panel market participation. Its long-term commitment to PV industry gives us enough reliability to sell our customers its products.

-- Yamagata Sanso Corporation

Although we had used various PV panels previously, we decided to use only Kyocera panel because solar panels manufactured by this company are easy to control and manage. Besides, the panels can be durable for longer years than other brands from our experience.

-- Numazu-sunhouse Co., Ltd

We decided to use Kyocera PV modules because Kyocera had already been in Japanese PV market in around 2000, when we entered PV installation market. We feel reliable considerably on Kyocera brand based on its long-term commitment to PV industry.

-- Daiei Densetsu Co., Ltd.

A reliable brand. We have been using their panels in our installations for nineteen years, and we didn’t have any problems so far, so we will continue using them. We think is the best option available right now in the market.

-- Australian Solar Industries Pty. Ltd.

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13 abr. 2018