ShenZhen Yixing Solar-Energy Co., Ltd.

ShenZhen Yixing Solar-Energy Co., Ltd.

No. 255, Zhangbei Ave., Ailian, Longgang, Shenzhen
+86 186 80668766
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Descripción de la Empresa

Shenzhen JinGuangNeng Solar Energy Co., Ltd has started solar business since 2002 and registed the company in 2006.

At the moment when we started, making good products with good quality has been our top target and still is now and will be in future, because we fully understand that return customers are the main source of our company's growing power.

Currently our company are equipped with most advanced manufacturing machines and testing facilities.

The most important difference between a good company and a poor one is that a good company always test the products carefully and strictly before they are delivered to customers. JGN Solar tests every single piece of products to make sure the clients would get quality product.

By now, JGN solar exported more than 500MW solar products to clients around the globe.

Detalles de la Actividad de la Empresa

Monocristalino, Policristalino
Gama de Potencia(Wp):
Cristalino de Alta Eficiencia
PERC, Bifacial
Gama de Potencia(Wp):


Mono Bifacial Dual Glass Solar Module                  Mono Shingled Solar Panel                                   18V Glass Solar Panel


100W 18V 12V Solar Panel Charger              20W 12V/5V DC Waterproof Battery Solar                Mini Solar System DIY for Batter Cell Phone Chargers


Detalles de la Actividad de la Empresa

Tipos de Componente
Inversor, Controladores de Carga, Sistemas de Montaje, Sistemas Solares
Controladores de Carga
Tipo de Tecnología
MPPT, PWM, Otros
Conectado a la Red, Aislado, Hibrida, Micro-inversores
Sistemas de Montaje
Estructura triangulizada, Sobre Tejado, BIPV, Montaje para Cochera, Montura Flotante
Sistemas Solares
Conectado a la Red, Aislado, Autónomo, Almacenamiento de Energía en el Hogar
Tipo de Sistema
Montaje en Tierra, Montaje para Cochera, Tejado a dos Aguas, Tejado Plano, BIPV

Detalles de la Actividad de la Empresa

Tipos de material
Venta a fuera / para la producción de módulos propios
Tecnología células:
Monocristalino, Policristalino

Detalles de la Actividad de la Empresa

Tipos de producto
Portable Folding (or Roll) Power Unit, Bomba Hidraulica, Luz Stradal
Úlima Actualización
18 ago. 2020