QC Solar (Suzhou) Corporation
No.31 Xinfa Road, SIP., Suzhou, Jiangsu, 215123
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Quality connects the world; Quick-Contact is one professional enterprise which is engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of electronic devices, junction boxes, sockets and connectors.

QC has been rated as a "National High-tech Enterprise”, "national authorized CNAS laboratory", "Jiangsu R&D Center of Solar PV System", "PV Application System Engineering Technology Research Center of Suzhou City" and "Enterprise Technology Center of Suzhou City" by the Government.

Our company has earned 236 patent intellectual property rights and takes many developments from Suzhou city and Jiangsu province, and the nation. Our company is one of the most advanced suppliers of industrial fast connectors and intelligent controlling and has many years of experience in high-reliability, long-life controlling system development and manufacturing.

Our products include Solar Control connectors, industrial automatic connectors, signal connectors, outdoor Waterproof connectors, multi-functional pins and Smart Combiner Boxes, DC Distribution Cabinet etc. Our product design has the features of originality and ingenuity. Those products are applied widely in the fields of automation, solar power generation, semiconductor lighting, medical device, communication equipment, consumable electronics and outdoor engineering. Our connecting systems have been proven to be able to output large currents, secure a more reliable connection and offer excellent insulation and weather-proof performance. We commit ourselves to our customers' faster, more effective and reliable, and more safe controlling solving solutions.

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Tipos de material Liquido para Corte, Conector, Cobre, Caja de Conexiones para Silicio
Tipo de Cable Núcleo Simple
Detalles de la Actividad de la Empresa
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Caja Concentradora, Rieles de Montaje
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