100 - 1080 Wp

Einnova Solarline, China Jiangsu International Group
Desde €0,619 / Wp
Categoría: Aislado
Tipo: Tejado a dos Aguas
Región : China China
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250 - 1250 Wp

Sterling Powergensys
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  • Potencia del Empaque: 250 - 1250 Wp
  • Marca del Panel:
  • Número de Panel: 1,3,5
  • Marca del Inversor: Victron Energy
  • Número del Inversor: 1
  • Tipo de Sistemas de Montaje:
  • Tiempo de Instalación:
  • Superficie de Techo Requerida:
  • Tiempo de Entrega:
  • Rendimiento Estimado:
  • Garantía del Sistema: 5 Años
  • Garantía de Potencia del Sistema: --
  • Garantía de Producto del Panel: --
  • Garantía de Potencia del Panel: --
  • Garantía del Inversor: --
  • Garantía del Sistemas de Montaje: --

Características del Producto

No. de Modelo
ES-100W Off-grid ES-400W Off-grid ES-1080W Off-grid
Potencia del Empaque
100 Wp 400 Wp 1080 Wp
€61,9 / Set €248 / Set €668 / Set
Especificaciones del Panel  
Número de Panel
1 4 4
Potencia de Panel
100 Wp 100 Wp 270 Wp
Tipo de Panel
Policristalino Policristalino Policristalino
Especificaciones del Inversor  
Número del Inversor
1 1 1
Potencia del Inversor
0,195 kW 4 kW 6 kW
Especificaciones Del Sistemas De Montaje  
Tipo de Sistemas de Montaje
Tejado a dos Aguas Tejado a dos Aguas Tejado a dos Aguas
Número de Batería
1 2 2
Battery Capacity
50 Ah 100 Ah 200 Ah
Corte Transversal del Cable 4 mm²
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Einnova Solarline, China Jiangsu International Group

No. 5 West Beijing Road, Nanjing 210008, Jiangsu
No. Empleados: 15.000
Empresa Madre: China Jiangsu International Economic Technical Cooperation Corporation (CJI)
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Established in the year of 1980, China Jiangsu International Economic and Technical Group Ltd. is one of the biggest top 500 state-owned companies in China. With its long history and rich experience in international business, project contracting and manufacturing; China Jiangsu International Economic and Technical Group Corp. has well severed customers in more than 100 countries, with international branch companies spread in more than 30 countries. Total assets reach 10 billion USD, and employment worldwide reaches 20,000 staff.

It’s continually ranking top 225 ENR international biggest contractors since the year of 2000, constructed many high quality of building and infrastructure projects located in USA, Japan, Europe, Middle East, Latin America, Africa and Asia regions.

China Jiangsu International Group Ltd. aims to be one well-known international contractor, supplier and server in the World!

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Emma Wu
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Lionel Darricau

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