3000 - 10000 Wp

3000 - 10000 Wp

Ningbo RayTech New Energy Materials Co., Ltd.
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Tipo: Tejado a dos Aguas,Tejado Plano,Montaje en Tierra
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RayTech can supply the professional E+P service for the large scale MW solar project. Making solar power simple by supplying the high reliable and cost effective solar system. RayTech double glass solar syetme can generate more electricty with 30 years performance warranty. Choosing RayTech solar system is more than an investment.

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No. de Modelo
Raytech-3kw Raytech-5kw Raytech-10kw
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3000 Wp 5000 Wp 10000 Wp
€1.920 / Set €2.870 / Set €5.370 / Set
Garantía del Sistema 5 Años
Garantía de Producto del Panel 30 Años
Garantía del Inversor 5 Años
Garantía del Sistemas de Montaje 20 Años
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12 18 40
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265 Wp 280 Wp 270 Wp
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RayTech New Energy Materials RayTech New Energy Materials RayTech New Energy Materials
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Policristalino Monocristalino Monocristalino
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1 1 1
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3 kW 5 kW 10 kW
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Growatt New Energy Growatt New Energy Growatt New Energy
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Tipo de Sistemas de Montaje
Tejado a dos Aguas Tejado Plano Montaje en Tierra

10 Advantages of Double-Glass Solar Modules

Ningbo RayTech New Energy Materials Co., Ltd.

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Nota: Su Consulta se enviará directamente a Ningbo RayTech New Energy Materials Co., Ltd..

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Descripción de la Empresa
Ningbo RayTech New Energy Materials Co., Ltd. is located at Ningbo High-Tech Industrial Park. As a high-tech enterprise, RayTech focuses on the R&D, manufacturing and sales of double-glass solar panel. It is also a major player in terms of R&D and construction of commercial/industrial solar projects.

Focused on the manufacture and sales of double-glass PV modules, RayTech is equipped with automatic production lines with a total capacity of 1.2GW. One of the achievements of CQC certification for double-glass PV modules,RaySolarhas won a series of esteemed certifications including CQC, German TüV, ISO, Australia CEC and China Compulsory Certificate(3C Mark) of Construction Industry.

Adhering to the corporate philosophy of “Focusing on Double-glass PV Modules and Striving for Excellence”, RayTech will continue to make innovations in technology and promote the application of double-glass PV modules, as well as develop PV comprehensive utilization solutions.

The unique edge sealing process developed by RayTech can avoid the risks of crash and micro-crackof double-glass PV modules during transportation and installation and has won the “Shine Cup Technological Innovation Award”. RayTech products have been applied in many demonstration projects in China and have won unanimous recognitions and praises from customers and industries.

Solar makes life better!
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