AE595MD-156 575-595W

AE Alternative Energy GmbH (AE Solar)
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Tipo: PERC
Gama de Potencia: 575 ~ 595 Wp
Región: Alemania Alemania
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High-quality Materials, Best Workmanship, German Engineering

LID and PID Resistant

30-year Linear Performance, 15-year Product Warranty

Positive Power Tolerance

Salt Mist, Ammonia, and Sand Resistant

Robust Design, 5400 Pa Snow, 2400 Pa Wind Load

Características del Producto

No. de Modelo
AE575MD-156 AE580MD-156 AE585MD-156 AE590MD-156 AE595MD-156
Garantía de Producto 15 Años
Garantía de energía 30 años de 82,2% potencia de salida
Características Eléctricas en STC  
Potencia Máxima (Pmax)
575 Wp 580 Wp 585 Wp 590 Wp 595 Wp
Tensión en el Punto de Máxima Potencia (Vmax)
45,24 V 45,45 V 45,67 V 45,88 V 46,05 V
Corriente en el punto de máxima potencia (Imax)
12,71 A 12,76 A 12,81 A 12,86 A 12,92 A
Tensión en Circuito Abierto (Voc)
54,38 V 54,65 V 54,92 V 55,18 V 55,45 V
Corriente de cortocircuito (Isc)
13,47 A 13,52 A 13,57 A 13,62 A 13,67 A
20,6 % 20,78 % 20,95 % 21,13 % 21,31 %
Tolerancia de Potencia (+)
+ 1 % + 1 % + 1 % + 1 % + 1 %
  Condiciones de prueba estándar (STC): Masa de aire AM 1,5, radiación 1000W/m2, temperatura de célula 25°C,
Características Eléctricas en NOCT  
Potencia Máxima (Pmax)
432 Wp 436 Wp 440 Wp 443 Wp 448 Wp
Tensión en el Punto de Máxima Potencia (Vmax)
42,5 V 42,7 V 42,9 V 43,1 V 43,3 V
Corriente en el punto de máxima potencia (Imax)
10,17 A 10,21 A 10,25 A 10,29 A 10,34 A
Tensión en Circuito Abierto (Voc)
51,3 V 51,5 V 51,7 V 51,9 V 52,1 V
Corriente de cortocircuito (Isc)
10,78 A 10,82 A 10,86 A 10,9 A 10,94 A
Temperatura 45±2 °C
  Temperatura en condiciones normales de operación (NOCT): 800W/m2, AM 1,5, velocidad del viento de 1m/s, temperatura ambiente de 20°C
Características Térmicas  
Rango de Temperatura -40~85 °C
Coeficiente de Temperatura de Pmax -0,35 %/°C
Coeficiente de Temperatura de Voc -0,275 %/°C
Coeficiente de Temperatura de Isc 0,045 %/°C
Parámetros del Sistema  
Tensión Máxima del Sistema 1500 V
Limite de Corriente 25 A
Características Mecánicas  
Dimensiones (A/A/F) 2464x1133x35 mm
Peso 29 kg
Tipo de Células PERC
Numero de Células 156
Tipo de Vidrio Capa Antireflejo, Templado
Grosor de Vidrio 3,2 mm
Encapsulado de células EVA
Tipo de Trama Aluminio Anodizado
Caja de Proteccion de Uniones IP 68
Tipo de Conector MC4
Corte Transversal del Cable 4 mm2
Largo de Clable 350 mm
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Product Features

High-quality materials, the best workmanship, German development, and management characterize AE Solar photovoltaic modules.

With a linear performance guarantee of 30 years and a product warranty of 15 years, AE Solar guarantees the highest investment security and warranty claims.


Higher yield due to plus-sorting of 0 to +5 Wp guarantees the highest system efficiency and stability.

AE Solar photovoltaic modules align with international standards and are tested and certified under extreme stress and environmental influences.


About AE Solar

AE Solar, a renowned TIER 1 solar panel manufacturer from Germany, has cemented its position as a dynamic and progressive enterprise since its inception in 2003. Through hard work and dedication, the company has expanded its portfolio, strengthened its presence in international markets, and now operates in over 95 countries. Their international team is dedicated to providing innovative solar products and solutions while maintaining the most flexible product range. AE Solar's commitment to maximizing the value of their PV modules and providing long-term benefits to customers has made them a trusted and reliable global energy supplier. With an annual capacity exceeding 1.8 GW, AE Solar is at the forefront of the solar industry.


China - 20MW

9 MW - Bulgaria

2.7 MW - Greece

2.4 MW - Egypt

AE Alternative Energy GmbH (AE Solar)

+49 8231 9782 680
Messerschmittring 54, 86343, Königsbrunn
No. Empleados: 1.200
Nota: Su Consulta se enviará directamente a AE Alternative Energy GmbH (AE Solar).


Producción (MW)/: MWp
Monocristalino, Policristalino
Gama de Potencia(Wp): 165- 670

Innovación en Diseño de Paneles

Producción (MW): --
Gama de Potencia(Wp): 190-335
Descripción de la Empresa

Since its establishment in 2003, AE Solar, a TIER1 manufacturer from Germany, has distinguished itself as a dynamic and progressive enterprise. It has earned a reputation as one of the leading privately-owned businesses in the solar industry. The company's diligent efforts have resulted in steady growth, an expanded portfolio, and a strong presence in international markets. AE Solar operates in over 95 countries, demonstrating its global reach.

The company's international team is committed to providing innovative products and solutions in the solar industry, offering an exceptionally flexible range of products. AE Solar is dedicated to maximizing the value of its photovoltaic modules. It aims to remain a trusted and reliable global energy supplier, prioritizing its customers' long-term benefits. AE Solar has an annual production capacity of more than 1.8 GW.

Otras oficinas

Rua Itapura 300, (Conjunto 602) – Edifício Lloyd Tower Empresarial
Lvovi str.,2nd Close №13, Tbilisi, Georgia.
Messerschmittring 54, D-86343, Königsbrunn
Mimarsinan Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 15.cad No.8 Melikgazi/Kayseri/Turkey
Jingyi Road 26, Hongze District, Huai'an, China


German Brand, German Quality, I recommend.

-- Michael Ma, SpolarPV Technology Co., Ltd.


Meteor Series

Meteor series represents our latest advancement in photovoltaic technology: the N-type TOPCon PV module. These modules, equipped with TOPCon solar cells, showcase superior bifacial properties in comparison to PERC solar cells, with a bifaciality range of 75% to 85%, resulting in an enhanced energy yield.


  • Reduced LID and LeTID

  • Higher efficiency

  • Greater bifaciality relative to PERC solar cells.

  • Decreased Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) over time, surpassing PERC modules

It's time to minimize degradation while maximizing power output.

Aurora Series

The Aurora PV module series offers a range of power outputs, from 325W to 670W, and boasts efficiency ratings between 19.88% and 21.6%.

This series is segmented into three distinct family categories: mono-facial, bifacial with a glass-transparent back sheet, and bifacial double glass modules. Each category is designed to offer exceptional durability and resilience against harsh environmental factors, including high levels of ammonia, salt mist, sand, and dust.

Furthermore, these modules demonstrate robust resistance to potential-induced degradation, conforming to various industry-standard tests such as those set by the IEC and CE certification.

Comet Series

Comet, with its remarkable capacity for solar energy absorption and harvesting, stands out for its exceptional performance, enhanced efficiency, and robust durability.

This advanced generation of heterojunction solar panels (HJT) presents a cost-effective solution, especially notable for its lower temperature coefficients and superior low-light performance. HJT technology also shows improved performance under high-temperature conditions. As a well-established solar cell technology, the Comet series boasts an impressive efficiency of up to 22.2% and offers power up to 485W.

Thunder Series

Within this dynamic landscape, AE Solar introduces the Thunder series, its most efficient series of next-generation solar panels. Thunder sets itself apart by offering a blend of high-wattage output and contemporary aesthetic design, ensuring that your solar investment yields maximum benefits.

Thunder embodies enhanced power capabilities and significant cost savings, making it a standout choice in modern solar technology.

Eclipse Series

AE Solar's Eclipse modules, specifically tailored for the residential PV segment, are among the world's most potent solar panels, distinguished by their exquisite design that seamlessly blends rooftop aesthetics. The unique appeal of the Eclipse ultra-black panels lies in their immaculate black surface, devoid of any metal grid lines, facilitating a visually harmonious integration with various roofing styles. This total black appearance enhances the aesthetic value of rooftops and meets stringent architectural standards, making them an ideal choice for projects demanding high performance and exceptional design.

Half-Cut Large Cell Photovoltaic Panels

The AE Solar half-cut modules stand out in the market for their high efficiency and quality. They boast a significantly more favorable temperature coefficient than other contemporary solar modules. Notably, the panels demonstrate a distinct increase in efficiency under medium to high radiation conditions, as observed in their performance curve across different irradiance levels. While there is a slight reduction in efficiency under low irradiance conditions, the overall performance profile indicates that modules are likely to achieve superior long-term performance compared to the average module. This combination of features underscores its potential for higher efficiency and reliability over an extended period.

Shading Resistant Panels

AE Solar's shading-resistant panels are among the most efficient on the market, excelling in high-efficiency output, even in partially shaded areas. Unlike typical solar panels that experience a yield decline in such conditions, AE Solar's shading-resistant hot spot-free modules consistently maintain an efficiency range of 16.5% to 22.8%, depending on the module type. Remarkably, in terms of relative efficiency compared to standard technology panels under partial shading, these modules could achieve up to 84% greater output, showcasing their superior performance in challenging light conditions.

AE Solar App

If you're a fan of cutting-edge technologies and the advanced capabilities offered in the contemporary solar industry, you've found your match!

The AE Solar app, compatible with all smartphones and available for free download, provides direct interactive functions with the manufacturer. It offers a unique feature that allows you to personally verify the authenticity of the solar products you've received from the company. Additionally, the app delivers comprehensive information about each product.

Simply download the AE Solar app and use it to scan the barcode on your PV modules. Give it a try – you're sure to appreciate the results!

High-quality and innovative photovoltaic solar modules

AE Solar Shading Resistant, Hot-Spot Free Smart Modules

Our product range boasts power capacities from 280W to 670W, available in monocrystalline and polycrystalline options.

  • German design and quality, ensuring top-notch performance and durability

  • Each cell is equipped with an individual bypass diode

  • In cases where a cell's current differs from the string's current, the bypass diode activates automatically. This prevents the other cells from being impacted by the disruption.

  • Enhanced performance ratio, increasing up to 30%.

  • Compliant with all international standards, we offer a 30-year performance guarantee and a 12-year product warranty.

For detailed specifications, download technical datasheets at

Offering an extensive variety of module dimensions and performance classes, our range ensures that you can find the perfect fit for your specific project needs

65 mas series de AE Alternative Energy GmbH (AE Solar)‎

  • €0,110 / Wp
    AE TME-132BDS...
    700~720 Wp HJT, Bifacial
  • €0,0852 / Wp
    Meteor AE CME...
    680~700 Wp TOPCon
  • €0,086 / Wp
    AE MD-144 530...
    530~550 Wp Monocristalino
  • €0,083 / Wp
    Meteor AE CMD...
    560~580 Wp TOPCon
  • €0,090 / Wp
    AE MD-144BD 5...
    530~550 Wp PERC, Bifacial
  • €0,0963 / Wp
    AE MD-120E 44...
    440~460 Wp Monocristalino
  • €0,0853 / Wp
    Meteor CMD-12...
    465~485 Wp TOPCon
  • €0,0915 / Wp
    AE CMD-120 46...
    465~485 Wp TOPCon
  • €0,0927 / Wp
    AE MD-132BS 4...
    485~505 Wp PERC, Bifacial
  • €0,0911 / Wp
    AE MD-132BD 4...
    485~505 Wp PERC, Bifacial
  • €0,087 / Wp
    AE MD-132 485...
    485~505 Wp Monocristalino
  • €0,0949 / Wp
    AE MD-132E 48...
    485~505 Wp Monocristalino
  • €0,120 / Wp
    Terra CMD-L13...
    505~525 Wp TOPCon
  • €0,172 / Wp
    AE ME-110BD 5...
    530~550 Wp PERC, Bifacial
  • €0,164 / Wp
    AE ME-110 530...
    530~550 Wp Monocristalino
  • €0,171 / Wp
    AE ME-110BS 5...
    530~550 Wp PERC, Bifacial
  • €0,112 / Wp
    Comet TME-110...
    560~580 Wp HJT, Bifacial
  • €0,0918 / Wp
    AE MD-144BS 5...
    530~550 Wp PERC, Bifacial
  • €0,0924 / Wp
    AE MD-120BD 4...
    440~460 Wp PERC, Bifacial
  • €0,0887 / Wp
    AE CMD-144 56...
    560~580 Wp TOPCon
  • €0,256 / Wp
    575~595 Wp PERC
  • €0,256 / Wp
    575~595 Wp PERC
  • €0,0894 / Wp
    AE ME-120BD 5...
    580~600 Wp PERC, Bifacial
  • €0,0893 / Wp
    AE ME-120 580...
    580~600 Wp Monocristalino
  • €0,0946 / Wp
    AE ME-120BS 5...
    580~600 Wp PERC, Bifacial
  • €0,0894 / Wp
    Meteor2.0 AE ...
    595~615 Wp TOPCon
  • €0,111 / Wp
    Comet TME-120...
    630~650 Wp HJT, Bifacial
  • €0,0877 / Wp
    AE ME-132 640...
    640~660 Wp Monocristalino
  • €0,0878 / Wp
    AE ME-132BD 6...
    640~660 Wp PERC, Bifacial
  • €0,0927 / Wp
    AE ME-132BS 6...
    640~660 Wp PERC, Bifacial
  • €0,089 / Wp
    Meteor AE CME...
    680~700 Wp TOPCon
  • €0,0881 / Wp
    AE MD-120 440...
    440~460 Wp Monocristalino
  • €0,175 / Wp
    AE P6-36 165W...
    160~170 Wp Policristalino
  • €0,227 / Wp
    AE SMB-36 190...
    190~200 Wp Monocristalino
  • €0,0955 / Wp
    AE MD-108BD 3...
    395~415 Wp PERC, Bifacial
  • €0,151 / Wp
    AE P6-60 270-...
    270~290 Wp Policristalino
  • €0,158 / Wp
    AE MB-60E 315...
    315~330 Wp PERC, Monocristalino
  • €0,145 / Wp
    AE MB-60 320-...
    320~335 Wp Monocristalino
  • €0,193 / Wp
    AE SMB-60 320...
    320~335 Wp Monocristalino
  • €0,148 / Wp
    AE P6-72 325-...
    325~345 Wp Policristalino
  • €0,116 / Wp
    AE MC-120 360...
    360~380 Wp Monocristalino
  • €0,121 / Wp
    AE-MC-120BS 3...
    360~380 Wp PERC, Bifacial
  • €0,120 / Wp
    AE MC-120BD 3...
    360~380 Wp PERC, Bifacial
  • €0,125 / Wp
    AE MC-120E 36...
    360~380 Wp PERC, Monocristalino
  • €0,141 / Wp
    AE MB-72 385-...
    385~400 Wp Monocristalino
  • €0,151 / Wp
    AE MB-72E 385...
    385~395 Wp Monocristalino
  • €0,0998 / Wp
    AE MD-108E 39...
    395~415 Wp PERC, Monocristalino
  • €0,0965 / Wp
    AE MD-108BS 3...
    395~415 Wp PERC, Bifacial
  • €0,0902 / Wp
    AE MD-108 395...
    395~415 Wp Monocristalino
  • €0,0942 / Wp
    Meteor AE CME...
    435~455 Wp TOPCon
  • €0,193 / Wp
    AE BME-44E 40...
    405~425 Wp PERC, Monocristalino
  • €0,184 / Wp
    AE BME-44F 41...
    410~430 Wp PERC, Monocristalino
  • €0,110 / Wp
    Horizon CMD-1...
    415~435 Wp TOPCon
  • €0,0998 / Wp
    AE CMD-108E 4...
    415~435 Wp TOPCon
  • €0,0956 / Wp
    AE CMD-108BDE...
    415~435 Wp TOPCon
  • €0,0937 / Wp
    AE CMD-108 42...
    420~440 Wp TOPCon
  • €0,0882 / Wp
    Meteor CMD-10...
    420~440 Wp TOPCon
  • €0,184 / Wp
    AE BME-46F 42...
    425~445 Wp PERC, Monocristalino
  • €0,193 / Wp
    AE BME-46E 42...
    425~445 Wp PERC, Monocristalino
  • €0,0995 / Wp
    Meteor AE CME...
    425~445 Wp TOPCon
  • €0,119 / Wp
    AE MC-144BS 4...
    430~450 Wp PERC, Bifacial
  • €0,122 / Wp
    AE MC-144E 43...
    430~450 Wp PERC, Monocristalino
  • €0,117 / Wp
    AE MC-144BD 4...
    430~450 Wp PERC, Bifacial
  • €0,112 / Wp
    AE MC-144 430...
    430~450 Wp Monocristalino
  • €0,0941 / Wp
    AE MD-120BS 4...
    440~460 Wp PERC, Bifacial