ESG10K - Grid Tie Inverter

Eastman Auto and Power Ltd.
Tipo: Conectado a la Red
Gama de Potencia: 10 kW
Región : India India
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● Advanced MPPT 99,9% tracking efficiency
● Quick and easy installatiom
● Wide operating MPPT voltage range
● Generator compatible
● IP65 protection
● Maximum DC power of 13K
● Remote monitoring compatibility
● User-friendly LCD display

Características del Producto

No. de Modelo
Datos de entrada DC  
Potencia Maxima DC
13 kW
Tension maxima
1000 V
Voltaje DC Clasificada
620 V
Maxima corriente DC
13 A
Rango de Tension MPP(T)
480~800 V
Tension de MPPT
Entrada DC
Datos de salida AC  
Potencia Maxima AC
10 kW
Rango de Tension AC para Salida
320~480 V
Voltaje AC Clasificada
400 V
Corriente AC Clasificada
15 A
Rango de frecuencia
45-55 Hz
50 Hz
Factor de potencia (cosφ)
Distorsion (THD)
< 3 %
Numero de fases de inyeccion
Eficiencia maxima
98 %
Datos generales  
Dimensiones (A/A/F)
715x553x228 mm
35,4 kg
Nivel de ruido
< 40 dB(A)
Temperatura de Funcionamiento -25 ~ +60 ℃
Clase Protectora IP65
Humedad 0-95 %
Enfriamiento Natural
Altitud maxima 2000 m
Interface RS 232, RS 485
Visualizacion LCD
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Eastman's 10kVA three phase Grid Tie PV Inverters with dual MPPT technology are suitable for all industrial rooftop and commercial applications. This solar PV solution comes with an intelligent cooling system that provides excellent heat dissipation and silent operation. They carry the ability to withstand extreme weather conditions with low maintenance as compared to diesel generators. The advanced MPPT algorithm with peak efficiency of 99.9% and wide MPPT voltage range from 250 to 950Vdc guarantees maximum power generation integrated with IEC standards of safety.

About Eastman

Eastman Auto and Power Ltd.

546-547, Udyog Vihar Phase-v, Gurugram-122016
No. Empleados: 1.200
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Established in 2002, Eastman Auto & Power limited (EAPL) is the leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of all kinds of energy storage solutions and solar solutions with manufacturing and research units in India. The range of products offered by Eastman is known for its quality, durability and performance. The company provides batteries for vehicles, Inverters & UPS system applications as well as E-rickshaw and solar solutions.

EAPL also provides the most comprehensive portfolio of customized packages, solutions and services along the solar PV product line for SOHO, Rooftop, Residential and CSR applications. The company offers support and maintenance services across the world help to ensure efficient solar and energy storage installations.

At EAPL manufacturing happens to be the core thrust area and forms the very structure of operations. The state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities coupled with an effective research and development cell ensures that the company stands at the forefront of battery and solar services. Eastman Research and Development Cell is driven by innovation and determination to provide better products and services to its customers across the globe.

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