INVT Solar Technology(Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
Tipo: Conectado a la Red
Gama de Potencia: 4~6 kW
Región: China China
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Max. efficiency up to 98.9%.
4 MPPT, Wide input voltage range, adapt to all kinds of solar panels and string configuration.
Adopt combined technology of T-type three level topologies and SVPWM.

AC output power is adjustable between 1-100%.
Grid self-adaptation, no N-line AC design to meet various grid access requirements.
Integrated global monitor management, APP with one-button registration.

Características del Producto

No. de Modelo
Garantía de Producto
5 Años 5 Años 5 Años
Datos de entrada DC  
Potencia Maxima DC
4,4 kW 5,3 kW 6,3 kW
Tension maxima
1000 V 1000 V 1000 V
Voltaje DC Clasificada
610 V 610 V 610 V
Tension minima para iniciar alimentacion
200 V 200 V 200 V
Maxima corriente DC
20 A 28 A 38 A
Rango de Tension MPP(T)
180~800 V 180~800 V 180~800 V
Tension de MPPT
2 2 2
Entrada DC
4 4 4
Datos de salida AC  
Potencia Maxima AC
4 kW 5 kW 6 kW
Tension nominal de red AC
127, 220 V 127, 220 V 127, 220 V
Maxima corriente AC
12 A 15 A 18 A
Rango de frecuencia
57-61,5 Hz 57-61,5 Hz 57-61,5 Hz
60 Hz 60 Hz 60 Hz
Factor de potencia (cosφ)
0,8 0,8 0,8
Distorsion (THD)
< 3 % < 3 % < 3 %
Numero de fases de inyeccion
3 3 3
Eficiencia maxima
97,6 % 97,8 % 98,2 %
97 % 97,3 % 97,6 %
Datos generales  
Dimensiones (A/A/F)
575x360x150 mm 575x360x150 mm 575x360x150 mm
20 kg 23 kg 23 kg
Consumo nocturno
< 1 W < 1 W < 1 W
Nivel de ruido
< 30 dB(A) < 50 dB(A) < 50 dB(A)
Temperatura de Funcionamiento -25 ~ +80 ℃
Transformador Sin Transformador
Clase Protectora IP65
Interface RS 485, Ethernet, WLAN
Visualizacion LCD
Caracteristicas de Proteccion  
Caracteristicas de Proteccion Proteccion Corto-Circuito, Proteccion contra Sobretensiones, Monitorizacion de fallo de Toma de Tierra, Monitorizacion de Aislamiento, Monitorizacion de Red
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INVT Solar Technology(Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

6th Floor, Block A, INVT Guangming Technology Building, Songbai Road, Matian, Guangming District, Shenzhen, Guangdong
No. Empleados: 3.000
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Since 2002 INVT developed the first generation inverter, it has 15 years of experience in the accumulation of power electronics technology and invert technology, with 13 R&D centers, with laboratory which awarded ACT from TUV SUD and WTDP-UL qualification, recognized by CNAS. More than 10 % of sales revenue is invested in R&D, and now it has 800 pcs of patents. Its iMars series grid-tied solar inverters have a better performance on the aspect of product stability, efficient power transformation, low harmonics, safe power grid access and so on for its top-level R&D team.

It has come into an unique advantage in product technology. They can be widely used in distributed solar grid-tied power generation systems, such as BAPV (house roof, office building roof and factory roof), BIPV (integrated residential buildings), commercial plants and so on.

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Mira Lee

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