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The SV-15296 EVA film ranges in thickness between 0.3mm and 1.0mm. Rolls are 100m long, with a maximum width of 2200mm. The shift time is 6 months.

Características del Producto

Características del Producto  
Tipo Curado Rápido
Grosor 0,3-1 mm
Anchura ≤2200 mm
Longitud del rollo 100 m
Calor específico 30-33 %
Densidad 0,96 g/cm3
Contenido en Gel ≥70 %
Características de Estabilidad  
Resistencia a la Tracción 18,6 Mpa
Elongación 500 %
Absorción de agua (20°C) ≤0,1 % / day
Risistencia al Pelado (EVA-Cristal) ≥90 N/cm
Resistencia al Pelado (EVA-Lamina Posterior) ≥40 N/cm
Contracción Térmica (Longitudinal) ≤4 %
Contracción Térmica (Transversal) ≤2 %
Resistivadad Volumétrica >1x10 ^14 Ω·cm
Envejecimiento ultravioleta (Índice de amarillamiento) ≤2 △YI
Envejecimiento por calor y humedad (Índice de amarillamiento) ≤2 △YI
Caracteristicas Ópticas y Termicas  
Transmisión de Luz ≥91 %
Bloqueo ultravioleta Longitud de Onda 305 nm
Índice de refracción 1,482

Product Fearture:

Different specification available

High transmission

Excellent durability

Weather resistance

High -temperature and high-humidity resistance

UV light resistance

Excellent adhesion to glass

TPT maintaining long term adhesion

Excellent light transmittance and transparency

Inactive and harmless in solar cells during processing

High crosslinking rate after lamination

Good encapsulating properties

Good matching with different backsheet andother materials

About Sveck:

Jiangsu Sveck NewMaterial Co.,Ltd, as the leader and the most professional Solar Panel Encapsulation materials manufacturer located in Shenzhen ,which is famous for the top quality products, reliability and excellent service with more than 8 years experience . 

We are an innovative enterprises that engaged in the new materials industry. Focusing on customers' needs, offerring high quality productcs & excellent service, competitive price are our target.  Sveck is the  leader of   new materials industry now , we are so our best to make our brand Solarcap®  as the leading brand of the PV industry.

Our EVA film has been sold in domestic and oversea to more than 10 countries. Our products have received TUV, SGS, VDE, ISO certificates.

On the other hand, another new material--epoxy resin AB glue is also in production, which is largely used in the LED package manufacturing,  jewelry Official Reply, wind power, silicon rods, sports composites, construction and other industries.

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Nota: Su Consulta se enviará directamente a Jiangsu Sveck New Material Co., Ltd.

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