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Tipo de Células: Monocristalino
Gama de Potencia: 4,84~5,18 Wp
Región : China China
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1. PID Libre
2. Técnica PERC
3. La alta eficacia de la conversión, eficacia media de la célula es 20,4%, la eficacia más alta es el 21,4%
4. Estabilidad de la eficiencia a largo plazo y excelente fiabilidad
5. Bajo índice de rotura y baja tasa de LID
6. Buena uniformidad del color

Características del Producto

No. de Modelo
LW-M6-3BB-PERC-4,84W LW-M6-3BB-PERC-4,89W LW-M6-3BB-PERC-4,94W LW-M6-3BB-PERC-4,98W LW-M6-3BB-PERC-5,03W LW-M6-3BB-PERC-5,08W LW-M6-3BB-PERC-5,13W LW-M6-3BB-PERC-5,18W
Características del Producto  
Tecnología células Monocristalino
Dimensiones 156,75×156,75 mm
Diagonal 210±0,5 mm
Espesor de Celda 220 ± 20 µm
Superficie Frontal (-)  
Núm. de Barras Colectoras 3
Ancho de la Barra Colectora 1,5±0,1 mm
Material de la Barra Colectora Plata
Capa Anti Reflectante Nitruro de Silicio
Superficie Posterior (+)  
Núm. De Puntos de Soldadura 4
Ancho del Punto de Soldadura 2,4±0,1 mm
Material del Punto de Soldadura Plata
Superficie de la Cara Posterior (BSF) Aluminio
Características Eléctricas en STC  
Potencia Máxima (Pmax)
4,84 W 4,89 W 4,94 W 4,98 W 5,03 W 5,08 W 5,13 W 5,18 W
Tensión en el Punto de Máxima Potencia (Vmpp)
0,541 V 0,543 V 0,545 V 0,547 V 0,549 V 0,551 V 0,553 V 0,555 V
Corriente en el punto de máxima potenci (Impp)
8,942 A 8,997 A 9,052 A 9,107 A 9,162 A 9,217 A 9,272 A 9,327 A
Tensión en Circuito Abierto (Voc)
0,651 V 0,653 V 0,656 V 0,658 V 0,661 V 0,664 V 0,666 V 0,669 V
Corriente de cortocircuito (Isc)
9,443 A 9,494 A 9,554 A 9,595 A 9,646 A 9,697 A 9,748 A 9,799 A
Eficiencia de la Célula
19,80-19,90 % 20,00-20,10 % 20,20-20,30 % 20,40-20,50 % 20,60-20,70 % 20,80-20,90 % 21,00-21,10 % 21,20-21,30 %
Factor de Llenado (FF)
78,69 % 78,8 % 78,71 % 78,9 % 78,89 % 78,87 % 78,98 % 78,96 %
Características Térmicas  
Coeficiente de Temperatura de Pmax -0,415 %/˚C
Coeficiente de Temperatura de Voc -0,331 %/˚C
Coeficiente de Temperatura de Isc 0,05 %/˚C

PERC 6 inch Mono 3BB Max.Eff.21.4% solar cell from Lightway

Physical Characteristics 

Model Name:     LW-M6-3BB-PERC

Dimension:       156.75mm x 156.75mm±0.25mm


Thickness(Si):  180μm±30μm/200μm±30μm

Front(-):            3x1.5mm ± 0.1mm wide bus bars (sliver) with distance 52mm

                         alkaline texturized surface with dark blue silicon nitride AR coating

Back(+):            2.5mm ± 0.1mm wide sliver/aluminum 3x4 soldering pads

                         aluminum local back surface field 

Electrical Characteristics 

Eff Code20002020204020602080210021202140
Efficiency (%)

*Under standard test condition(STC):AM1.5,1000W/m²,25°C.

About PERC Solar CellOur Solar Cell Production Lines

a. PERC (passivated emitter rear cell) is a new generation of solar cell technology which increases efficiencies via improving the transformation of solar energy into electric energy.

b. PERC Solar Cell Production Process 

c. PERC Solar Cell Advantage can further reduce the surface recombination rate (SRV[cm/s]) to increase the open-circuit voltage,the surface reflectivity and the short-circuited current(Isc).

About Lightway

Lightway was established in 2006,set up four companies in China mainland and owns two operating/sales companies in HongKong,with manufacturing factilities in Jiangsu/Jiangxi/Guangdong for solar cells,solar modules and solar applications etc and global marketing/sales company in Shenzhen,our current annual production/supply capacity is over 280MW for solar cells and 360MW for solar modules etc manufactured in CE/ISO/IEC/TUV/UL etc certificates.Lightway devoted to offering clients a one-stop shop for high quality products,solutions and engineering services with its extensive expertise in solar energy field.

Viewing Eco-friendly as our first priority,Lightway is committed to maintaining high quality solar products and high standard services to grow with our customers in the 21st century and beyond as usually.

Our Solar Cell Production Lines

Our Solar Module Production Lines

Corporate Culture

Vision :  To become the leading global green products-power solution provider

Mission: Empower people to enjoy a modern green life,by creating green and energy efficient power products and solutions

Corporate value:Diligent,Win-Win,People

Lightway Technology Development Limited

Xicheng Industrial Park, Baotian Rd., Xixiang Town, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, Guangdong
No. Empleados: 370
Empresa Madre: Lightway Energy Technology Co., Limited
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