Nextronex Inverters Selected for 2.5MW AC Indiana Michigan Power (AEP) Solar Array

Publicado el 10 ago. 2015
Nextronex  Inovateus Solar 
Nextronex, Inc. is pleased to announce that its Gen 2 Power Podium inverter system has been selected by Inovateus Solar for a 2.5MW AC, ground mounted solar array project for Indiana Michigan Power (I&M). 

Once completed, the 2.5MW AC array will provide the grid with the equivalent energy to power over 350 homes, producing the same energy as 7,600 barrels of oil, 43 tankers of gasoline or 18 rail cars of coal per year. The system consists of 9,972 310W solar panels and 2 Nextronex Power Podium inverter systems. The Power Podiums delivered to the site are pre-wired and pre-commissioned for 'plug-and-play' installation.

"We are excited to be partnering with Inovateus Solar again," said Jay Troger, CEO of Nextronex."We know this will be a first class project in every respect." 

"Inovateus Solar is extremely happy to be working with I&M, AEP and Nextronex on this groundbreaking project for our region," said T.J Kanczuzewski, President of Inovateus. "We applaud I&M's commitment to solar energy and we are dedicated to making this project a success for everyone involved."

"I&M is very pleased to partner with Inovateus Solar in building our first utility-scale solar generation facility," said Paul Chodak III, President and Chief Operating Officer of Indiana Michigan Power."

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