Enphase拟为Swiss Solar Technics供应逆变器

Publicado el 25 may. 2015
Enphase Energy  Swiss Solar Technics 
Enphase Energy, Inc. announced today a strategic partnership agreement with Swiss Solar Technics SA to deliver its Enphase solar energy systems to Swiss residential and commercial customers.

"Swiss Solar Technics SA is a dynamic and rapidly growing player in the Swiss photovoltaic market. Securing this partnership is a big win for our EMEA operations," said Olivier Jacques, Enphase Energy EMEA managing director. "This partnership will enable us to accelerate the adoption of Enphase systems by Swiss solar power users who recognize the importance of investing in quality solar solutions."

"We want to align our business with a world leader in energy management technologies that doesn't compromise on quality, reliability and safety," said Mathias Darbellay, Sales Manager at Swiss Solar Technics SA. "Enphase systems' flexible design and installation and superior energy production provide our customers with reliable performance alongside a solid 20 year warranty that delivers a lower cost of ownership than other competing solutions," he added. "We believe our customers will be highly satisfied with the financial as well as environmental benefits that Enphase systems provide."

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Enphase Energy (Componentes): https://es.enfsolar.com/enphase-energy
Enphase Energy (Vendedor): https://es.enfsolar.com/enphase-energy
Enphase Energy (Software): https://es.enfsolar.com/enphase-energy
Swiss Solar Technics (Instaladores): https://es.enfsolar.com/swiss-solar-technics
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