Meyer Burger to Provide SWCT Module Line for SolarTech Universal

Publicado el 30 sept. 2014
Meyer Burger  SolarTech Universal 
Meyer Burger Technology Ltd announced today that it has successfully concluded a contract for the delivery and installation of a fully integrated high efficiency SmartWire Connection Technology (SWCT) module line in the USA.

SolarTech Universal LLC is committed to providing products such as the SmartWire Connection Technology photovoltaic modules of Meyer Burger. The annual production capacity of this module production line exceeds 80MW. Delivery of the systems by Meyer Burger as well as the start of production by the customer is planned for second quarter 2015. "We strongly believe in this new technology, and could not have picked a better partner than Meyer Burger for our module production line.", states Boris Rosenstein, Executive President/CEO of SolarTech Universal, LLC.

Through the elimination of the busbars in SmartWire Connection technology, up to 80% less silver is used in the production of the cells. The significantly reduced use of silver in combination with the thinner fingers on the cells results in a reduction in production costs of as much as 7 USD per module. SWCT is compatible to all silicon cell technologies and can also be used in the next generation of finger metallisation technology.

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