GT New High Volume Hydrochlorination FBR Solution Doubles Trichlorosilane Capacity from a Single FBR Reactor

Publicado el 30 oct. 2012

GT Advanced Technologies Inc. today announced the availability of its new high volume hydrochlorination solution capable of producing enough trichlorosilane (TCS) from a single hydrochlorination fluid bed reactor (FBR) to support polysilicon facilities that are greater than 10,000 metric tons annually (MTA) in capacity. The new solution lowers the cost of ownership for plants by 20 percent over current TCS production offerings by eliminating the need for multiple hydrochlorination fluid bed reactors. The hydrochlorination FBR offering also includes GT's next generation hydrochlorination heater, which delivers further costs savings by increasing conversion in the hydrochlorination FBR from 27 to 30 percent.

"Our new hydrochlorination solutions continue GT's track record of offering innovative polysilicon production equipment and technology that lowers cost while improving quality and efficiency of producing polysilicon," said Dave Keck, vice president and general manager of GT's Polysilicon Business Unit. "In volatile and changing market conditions, polysilicon producers must find ways to improve their cost structure to remain competitive. Our new hydrochlorination solutions, combined with our industry-leading SDR reactors, address this need."

GT's latest polysilicon technology offerings, including the new high volume hydrochlorination solution and its SDR™600 reactor capable of producing over 600 metric tons of polysilicon annually, allow for the production of polysilicon at less than $14/kg cash costs.

GT's hydrochlorination technology is currently supporting over 50,000MT of annualized worldwide polysilicon production.


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