CNPV and Donauer Realizes 1.1MW Rooftop Solar Project in Africa

Publicado el 7 ago. 2013
CNPV  Dhybrid Power Systems 
August 6, 2013 - CNPV Solar Power SA today confirmed their 1.1MWp supply into the a large rooftop project on the African Continent.

Donauer have recently been awarded the 1MWp solar PV integration project with on-roof mounting at Namibia Breweries Limited. Their choice of supplier for this project was CNPV.

"Our techno-commercial model is finely tuned to offer the client bottom line benefits," divulged Mr. Benedikt Böhm, "and the credible demonstration of deliverables comes from the ability to provide 'hands on' evidence of 'more for less'. Our continued choice of CNPV is based upon their ability to outstrip all other comparative PV suppliers' performance on all of the criteria that matter, such as energy yield, efficiency and reliability. The CNPV-250P polycrystalline module totally compliments our requirements and facilitates our ability to push technological boundaries cost competitively, while ensuring that longevity and yields of the fundamental elements are unchallenged."

CNPV's COO&CTO, Mr Bypina Veerraju Chaudary, was jubilant with Donauer's success; "It's always exciting to be involved in pioneering projects, particularly when they are driven by visionary personnel. Not only have Donauer identified a new opportunity, created a viable solution and justified its acceptance with facts, they continue to expand their international credibility, provide regional solutions and enlarge their geographical footprint when others are contracting. We are totally honoured to participate in their strategy and equally enthusiastic about further developments from both our Companies that will add to the revenues our clients can achieve."

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