ASP Introduces Integrated Solar Array for PV Systems to Reduce Costs

Publicado el 3 sept. 2012
Advanced Solar Photonics 

Advanced Solar Photonics, LLC (ASP) announced that it will be introducing its proprietary Integrated Solar Array for PV systems at Solar Power International 2012.

The ASP Integrated Solar Array (ISA) is an innovative solution designed to reduce the cost of balance of systems (BOS) and solar panels. It fully integrates the solar PV modules into the mounting structure thereby eliminating the aluminum frame, grounding wire, clips, nuts, and bolts.

Reducing the installed cost of solar energy systems will help drive widespread, large-scale adoption of renewable energy technology. The goal is to further drive down the cost of solar electricity and enable solar-generated power to account for a greater share of America's electricity generation.

As panel prices have dropped from approximately $3/Watt in 2009 to less than $1/Watt in 2012, the share of balance of systems (cabling, wiring, racking and mounting) among total system costs has increased. Balance of systems costs currently comprises 10% to 15% of total system costs. The Integrated Solar Array can reduce BOS costs of ground mount PV systems by up to 50%.

By eliminating the aluminum frame, approximately $25 per panel or $0.10/Watt is saved. Without the frame, no grounding wire is needed ($0.015/Watt). Further cost savings on clips, nuts and bolts are realized by integrating the panels into the mounting structure ($0.04/Watt). As the integrated product is completely assembled at the ASP factory with the same labor required to manufacture framed, non-integrated panels, the amount of labor required in the field to install the ISA is also reduced significantly ($0.02/Watt).  The total cost savings of the Integrated Solar Array product is approximately $0.175/Watt, or up to half of total BOS costs for ground-mounted systems.


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