Sungrow Signs MOU with Amp at PV Expo 2023 in Japan

Publicado el 17 mar. 2023
Sungrow Power Supply 
Sungrow announced that the Company signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Amp Co., Ltd. at PV Expo in Japan during March 15-17. The Company displayed diversified solar and storage applications tailored to various Japanese applications; thus, fueling the transition to a low carbon economy and overshooting Japan's 2050 carbon neutrality target.

Cutting-edge inverter solutions for solar projects

Japan sees a large number of utility-scale solar plants being built in mountainous areas. Sungrow offers the 1+X Modular Inverter tailored to this application, which is an innovation combining the advantages of both central and string inverters. The product can be configured up to 8.8 MW with 1.1 MW modular capacity and one MPPT for each unit, making the plant design unprecedentedly flexible and easier for operation and maintenance (O&M), especially for hilly terrains.

Optimized to address the Japanese growing demands for distributed PV plants, Sungrow offers a broad product portfolio including the 1500V string inverter SG125HX-JP. The product which is rated at 125 kW streamlines the configuration and maximizes the LCOE significantly.

A comprehensive ESS portfolio for diversified installations

The energy storage system (ESS) is an ideal solution to tackle the issue of the current rising electricity price and power failure in Japan. Sungrow offers a comprehensive ESS portfolio for utility-scale, commercial & industrial, and residential energy storage applications in Japan.

Japan's utility-scale energy storage market holds great potential, especially for the demand for frequency regulation. Sungrow offers its liquid cooled ESS PowerTitan tailored to this market. Through liquid cooled thermal management, the system has a superior lifespan. The DC-DC controller can charge and discharge battery racks individually, increasing the overall system performance. Thus far, Sungrow already signed nine gigawatt hours of orders with PowerTitan globally.

Japan has an economically beneficial environment and a relatively matured residential solar-plus-storage market. Sungrow's residential Hybrid and Battery Solution comprises the single-phase hybrid inverter SH5.5RS-JP and the high voltage SBR battery, featuring higher yields, simplicity, enhanced safety, and intelligent O&M. The solution enables seamless switch to the off-grid mode during power outages due to natural disasters like typhoons and earthquakes.

All of the Sungrow's solutions can be monitored and managed via the Company's iSolarCloud platform.

"We're ready to embrace increasing opportunities and challenges in the Japanese market, expanding our presence and providing cutting-edge products and localized services to facilitate the energy transition," said Michael Zhang, Country Manager of Sungrow Japan. The company has spent years in Japan and was involved in many local solar and energy storage projects, such as the 100 MWp Azuma Kofuji solar project, and the 21 MWh DC-coupling solar-plus-storage in Hokkaido, Japan.

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