Panasonic, Pristine Sun Form Strategic Relationship to Build 50MW California Solar Farms

Publicado el 6 mar. 2013
Panasonic (Sanyo) 
March 5, 2013 - Panasonic Eco Solutions Energy Management North America and Pristine Sun have aligned to begin the first phase of a portfolio build-out of solar PV farms in California over the next 24 months. 50MW of solar power will be connected to the grid and sold to PG&E, which is enough to power approximately 50,000 homes.

"The partnership with Pristine Sun provides Panasonic the ability to further present itself as a leading integrator of solar solutions within the ever-evolving U.S. solar market. This 50MW portfolio will allow Panasonic to showcase its ability to construct high quality solar energy systems and to present its new 12kW dual-axis tracker to the market. Our technology provides a more robust return on investment to project owners based on the high-quality, low maintenance, low cost strategy that has been utilized in engineering this new and evolutionary product that tracks the sun all day. With this, Panasonic can successfully state that this is the industry's first Tier 1 tracker backed by the largest balance sheet in solar today," said Koshi Terakawa , President of Panasonic Eco Solutions Energy Management North America.

"At Pristine Sun, we believe working together with the right partners is paramount to our success. We are dedicated to delivering quality, efficient, high yield, renewable energy based power plants to the communities we serve. With the Panasonic commitment to Pristine Sun and this portfolio, we feel we have found the synergy, expertise and stability needed to deliver. This partnership, combined with the utilization of Panasonic's dual-axis tracker, provides us with the vital ingredients Pristine Sun and our investors demand -- innovation, reliable performance, strong returns and the solid backing to insure long-term operation and success. The Panasonic Eco Solutions partnership mirrors Pristine Sun's commitment to sustainable business, the environment and a future powered by renewable energy," said Jason Jackson , COO of Pristine Sun, LLC. 

"We're honored to be working with Panasonic, one of the most respected and largest companies in the world. With our large portfolio of hundreds of small utility projects, we've learned that it's imperative to select a bankable partner like Panasonic to provide turnkey, standardized solutions. This partnership is already accelerating – and reducing the brain damage of – the most important element of the solar industry: project financing," adds CEO Troy Helming .

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