DAH Solar Full-Screen PV Module Shines at Solar Application Exhibition

Publicado el 27 jul. 2022
DAH Solar 
The 17th Solar Application Exhibition was held in Jinan, China. DAH Solar presented the Full-Screen PV Module. Because of its advantages of no water and dust residue, the Full-Screen PV Module caught the attendee's eyes.

The dust shading on the PV modules causes power loss and has been one of the biggest concerns for investors. Based on this sore point in the PV industry, DAH Solar invent the Full-Screen PV Module. With the front A-side frameless design, the Full-Screen PV Module eliminates the dust shading on the bottom of the module and increases the power generation by 11.5%.

TüV Nord published the outdoor field test report for the Full-Screen PV Module. This product is innovated by DAH Solar, and it has a global patent in 18 countries. The report indicated the power generation for the Full-Screen PV Module is increased by 11.5%. Due to the power increase advantage, attendees were attracted to the products. During the exhibition, lots of enterprises signed partnership contracts with us. DAH Solar's Full-Screen PV Module is ready to redefine the PV Module.

The Full-Screen PV Module eliminates the altitude intercept between the regular PV module frame and glass. Without the frame, there isn't anything to block the water and dust. Full-Screen PV Module could apply to different scenarios. It perfectly suits small-angle installations, for example, the steel rooftop, BIPV project, etc. Anyway, the smaller the installation angle, the better power generation gain.

After October 2021, DAH Solar received a large number of orders for the Full-Screen PV Modules. Full-Screen PV Module as a grade A product is accepted by more and more customers. Besides, DAH Solar will keep our pace on the innovation track and provide more value for our customers.

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