GSL Energy Successfully Developed CATL Cells Powerwall LiFePO4 Battery

Publicado el 22 sept. 2021
GSL Energy  CATL 
After cooperating with CATL, GSL ENERGY has sucessfully upgraded its Powerwall series products. The new version Powerwall are assembled by CATL LiFePO4 lithium battery cells which has a better performance on safety, reliability and lifespan.

GSL Powerwall lithium battery (LFP-lithium iron phosphate) is a kind of new environmental-friendly backup power system product. It is made of cathode materials, battery cell and BMS (battery management system) and processed by GSL's self-developed core technologies.

Mr. Jim Deng, CEO of GSL ENERGY said, “ It is the latest HESS battery system. It features high energy and power density, and of course a long lifespan. Also, it easiness of installation and expansion reflect the real requirements of the end users and strong technical capability of GSL. So far, we has served over 5000 families.”

In the future, GSL ENERGY and CATL will further enhance and deepen their cooperation. Both parties will give full play to their advantages in brand, resources, technology and serivce to promote the sustainable development of lithium battery and renewable energy industry.

Fuente: GSL Energy
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