Geco Supplies Solar Mounting Structures for 9MW Solar Plant in Vietnam

Publicado el 20 jun. 2019
Foshan Geco Renewable Energy 
Recently, Geco has attained a contract to supply solar mounting structures for a 9MW solar power plant in Vietnam. It uses C steel profile single post system with 2.5m distance from module lowest point to the ground. It is designed to withstand 50m/s maximum wind speed.

"The project schedule is very tight. We are required to deliver the goods within 10 days after sign of contract. It is really a challenge. Thanks to the skillful and experienced team work, we finished the production and delivery on time as promised. So far, we have supplied solar mounting structures for 5 projects in Vietnam, including solar farms and metal sheet roof projects." Ms. Yin, the business manager of Geco said so. "With our efforts of branding, professional engineering, high efficiency production and high quality products, we are confident to strive for more project orders in Vietnam."

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