Panasonic Solar Partners with Enphase Energy

Publicado el 20 mar. 2019
Panasonic Corporation (Sanyo)  Enphase Energy 
Panasonic Eco Solutions of North America and Enphase Energy, Inc. today announced that the new Panasonic AC Series Photovoltaic HIT® N330E AC Module with integrated Enphase IQ 7X™ Microinverter will be available for solar installation companies in late March.

Panasonic's N330E HIT® AC Series Modules combines HIT® solar panels with Enphase microinverters.

"In today's market, solar installers look to offer homeowners high powered and efficient modules that maximize output on roofs of every shape and size," said Mukesh Sethi, General Manager, Solar, and Energy Storage Division, Panasonic Eco Solutions North America. "Our AC module partnership with Enphase Energy allows us to combine our award-winning, high-efficiency PV modules with the highly reliable seventh-generation Enphase IQ microinverters. We are certain that together we will achieve tremendous efficiencies and add value to the residential solar industry, for both solar installers and solar homeowners."

"This significant collaboration with Panasonic on a world-class AC Module once again validates our commitment to continuously improving the value of our energy management solutions for homeowners worldwide," said Dave Ranhoff, chief commercial officer at Enphase Energy. "Our large community of Enphase solar installation companies has been looking forward to leveraging the powerful combination of one of the best-performing solar modules from Panasonic with Enphase microinverters in a single product."

"The IQ 7X™ micros and Panasonic HIT modules are already our flagship combination, and the Panasonic N330E AC modules will now significantly reduce our install times and provide savings on logistics and overhead costs in the warehouse," said Arno Aghamalian, CEO, Solar Optimum Inc.

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