Sunworks Completes Solar Carport Installation at the Roseville 76 Station

Publicado el 6 ago. 2018
Sunworks, Inc. celebrated the completion of a 131.34kW solar carport installation at the Roseville 76 Station. 

Robert Robinson, owner of the station, commented, "Mitigating the urban heat island effect and reducing our carbon footprint through the use of clean, renewable energy is an important objective for our company, one I believe is shared by the residents of Roseville. I am excited to unveil this comprehensive solution, designed and deployed by Sunworks, and I believe this can serve as a model for other socially responsible businesses."

Sunworks' Chief Executive Officer, Chuck Cargile said, "This project is the first solar carport installation for a gas station in the City of Roseville. Over time, we believe these will become commonplace. The project will drive immediate savings for this customer, and clearly demonstrates their commitment to social responsibility and the environment."

Fuente: SUNworks
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