Znshine Solar Wins Bid to Supply PV Modules to India's BHEL

Publicado el 5 jul. 2018
Znshine Solar  BHEL 
Znshine Solar has won the bid to provide 37.5MW of PV modules to Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL).

"Thanks to our winning of the BHEL project, we can introduce our graphene-coating modules to the global market. It is what we are most proud of," said Qian Li, Marketing Director at Znshine Solar. "The Indian PV market there has been growing rapidly in recent years, we are targeting its potential and huge demand. As of June, our total shipments to India have reached to approximately 1GW, making Znshine one of this market's major suppliers of PV modules. We are also planning to build with our local partner an integrated production line there that includes silicon wafer, cells and modules."

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