ENF Launches Advanced Global Solar Inverter Directory

Publicado el 16 ene. 2013

For almost 8 years ENF has provided a free directory of solar companies around the world, currently listing over 16,000 manufacturers, sellers and installers (https://cdn.enfsolar.com).  After a successful solar panel directory launch with over 15,000 solar panels listed and strong daily flow of customer enquiries, ENF has now launched a directory of solar inverters.

At time of launch the inverter directory contains over 3,000 solar inverters, published in 8 different languages.  The directory features advanced filters that let people find the exact inverter they need – such as power rating, efficiency and warranty.  It also features independently collected quality certifications (IEC and UL, VDE) and the ability to request quotes from the manufacturer and all local distributors and wholesalers of that brand in the user’s country.

ENF has put together a list of 10 key reasons to use their directory for sourcing new inverters:

1.  Over 3,000 solar inverters listed.  More inverters are being added every day.

2.  Data collected into a common template.  Companies use different phrases, and using ENF’s datasheets makes different inverters much easier to compare.

3.  Advanced filter system. 18 different search filters can be applied to find the exact inverter that suits you.

4.  Easy to get the best deal.  The “Enquire” button sends a quote request to both the manufacturer and all sellers in your country.

5.  8-language datasheets.  All data is presented in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Korean and Japanese.

6.  Independent certification data.  IEC62116, IEC61727, IEC62109, UL1741 and VDE0126-1-1 data is presented that has been collected from the certification laboratories, not from the manufacturers.

7.  Pictures of all the inverters shown.  A lot of thought has been put into making the directory design more enjoyable to use.

8.  Manufacturer PDF files shown.  Although ENF datasheets are easier to use, the full original manufacturer datasheets are presented also.

9.  Search by series or model.  Inverters have been grouped into series, and our directory allows users to review whole series of inverters; or individual inverter models.

10.  It’s free!

New Inverter Directory: www.enfsolar.com/pv/inverter

Existing Panel Directory:  www.enfsolar.com/pv/panel


Fuente: ENF
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