Tigo Partners with SMA

Publicado el 15 sept. 2017
Tigo Energy  SMA 
Tigo and SMA have joined forces to deliver compliance with the newly released SunSpec Alliance specifications regarding Rapid Shutdown adoption for PV plants. 

"The solar industry is experiencing significant growth with new requirements, so we welcome the vendor coordination efforts and the wide adoption by many vendors working to improve the safety of clean energy production," says Danny Eizips, VP of Engineering at Tigo. "This is a great opportunity for multivendor support." 

"Together, SMA and Tigo are minimizing the adoption difficulties presented with any new specifications," says Nick Morbach, Executive Vice President of Residential and Commercial Business Unit at SMA. 

"As a Tigo partner and integrator of TS4, Trina welcomes the wide adoption of this safety feature," says Jing Tian, President of North America Region at Trina Solar. "We are now shipping our Rapid Shutdown compliant smart modules."

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Tigo Energy (Componentes): https://es.enfsolar.com/tigo-energy
SMA (Componentes): https://es.enfsolar.com/sma
Tigo Energy (Materiales Solares): https://es.enfsolar.com/tigo-energy
SMA (Software): https://es.enfsolar.com/sma
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