GCL-SI Starts Operation of 600MW Solar Cell Plant in Vietnam

Publicado el 1 ago. 2017
GCL System Integration Technology Co., Ltd. (GCL-SI) announced that its solar cell plant of 600MW production capacity in Vietnam has started operation on 27th July.

"GCL's high-efficiency PERC production line in Vietnam, based on the localized management, will offer a strong support to the high-efficient cell supply and contribute to cost-down as well as voiding anti-dumping issues," Shu Hua, the president of GCL-S noted.

Dong Shuguang, executive director of GCL-SI said, "the company has been working on improving the efficiency of Polysilicon PERC products in the recent years. By the beginning of 2017, it has achieved an average efficiency of 20.3% for Black Silicon PERC products. The result is estimated to surpass 20.5% by the end of 2017. The average power output for this model is close to 290W, completely meeting the latest standard of Top Runner. Besides, the cost in Vietnam has advantage compared with domestic, the products could be sent back to China to meet the domestic demand."

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