Scatec Solar Announces Second Quarter Results

Publicado el 24 jul. 2017
Scatec Solar's second quarter consolidated revenues reached NOK 279 million, up from 213 million in the same period last year. Consolidated EBITDA reached NOK 217 million, up from NOK 153 million last year. The year on year increase in revenues and EBITDA is mainly explained by better solar irradiation, additional revenues from the new plants in Jordan and a strengthening of ZAR/NOK of 17%.

Scatec Solar's proportionate share of revenues reached NOK 165 million, down from 437 million in the same period last year. The proportionate EBITDA reached NOK 100 million in line with the same period last year. Cash flow to equity across all business activities reached NOK 20 million in the second quarter, compared to NOK 31 million in the same period last year.

Power production reached 147GWh in the second quarter, up 24% from same quarter last year, excluding divestments, and down 6% from previous quarter due to seasonally lower production in South Africa.

"We have made significant progress on the 1,143MW project backlog over the last few months and several projects are approaching financial close. With these projects, we are set to strengthen our position as a leading emerging market focused IPP. With technology innovation and cost reductions in the industry we are exploring additional partnerships and new business models that will allow us to add to our growth opportunities ", says Scatec Solar's CEO, Raymond Carlsen.

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