Senersun Signs 6MW Supply Agreement with Revosolar

Publicado el 27 jul. 2012

Senersun announces that is has recently signed an agreement with Spanish distributor Revosolar for the supply of 6MW worth of PV modules. The panels supplied by Senersun throughout the agreement will be provided by Revosolar in Spain, who becomes Senersun's official distributor in the country.

This partnership builds synergies between the two companies, that will benefit both professional clients and homeowners. The supply agreement will notably enable Spanish installers to benefit from Senersun products, while enabling homeowners to be served with the PV solutions provided by Revosolar, using Senersun solar panels.

Alexandre Minuzzo, CEO of Senersun, comments this agreement: "This new supply agreement comforts us in the idea that Senersun products are well in line with customers' expectations, no matter they are professionals or homeowners. We continuously receive positive feedbacks from end-users, who increasingly understand the benefits of using defect-free solar panels like Senersun. It is a privilege for us to appoint Revosolar as our official distributor in Spain, as they proved to provide their customers with innovative solutions and a great customer service that will continue to strengthen their position in the long run. As an official distributor of Senersun, they will benefit from a close support and from the concrete solutions we offer our partners to enable them to increase their success."

Sjoerd Gaastra, managing partner at Revosolar, adds: "In this cut-throat competitive industry, we believe it is critical to work with a reliable partner that constantly delivers products made from the highest quality, and that is eager to provide you with a strong support. As they offer the most reliable solar panels and have committed to constantly support us with tangible solutions, we believe that Senersun is the right partner for us. We are happy to seal this supply agreement".


Fuente: Senersun
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