3D-Micromac Received Order from REC to Supply Laser Systems

Publicado el 14 dic. 2016
3D-Micromac  REC 
3D-Micromac AG today announced that it has received an order for three of its microCELL OTF laser systems from REC Group. The systems will be installed at REC Group's production facility in Singapore to support the expansion of REC's production volume of PERC solar cells, as well as support the development of next-generation PERC solar cells.

"We are pleased to add REC Group to our growing list of customers for our microCELL production equipment," stated Tino Petsch, CEO of 3D-Micromac. 

"PERC solar production is projected to experience tremendous growth over the next several years, and our microCELL OTF laser system continues to gain traction with leading PERC manufacturers as an enabling technology to support their requirements. This order win is a clear example that our strategy of supporting solar cell manufacturers through our extensive process know-how and industry-leading product performance—combined with the recent expansion of our manufacturing capacity in Chemnitz and support infrastructure around the globe—is paying off."

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