Juwi Shizen Commissioned 25MW Solar Park in Japan

Publicado el 8 jun. 2016
Juwi Shizen Energy has just commissioned another solar power plant in Japan. On about 410,000 square meters on the grounds of the former Iwate Hirono Golf Course in the town of Hirono, in the Iwate prefecture, the company constructed a 25MW solar park. The annual energy output of expected 20.8 million kWh will be sold to Tohoku Electric Power Co., Inc. under the provisions of the Feed-in Tariff (FIT) Scheme for the purchase of renewable energy. The project was developed by the Spanish X-Elio group. Operations and Maintenance services are provided by Juwi Shizen Energy Operation Inc. 

"We are delighted to have successfully commissioned another utility-scale PV project in Japan", says Stephan Hansen, Chief Operating Officer of the Juwi group. 

"Over the past three years the joint venture between Juwi and Shizen Energy has emerged as an experienced and reliable engineering, procurement and construction partner with a proven track record of 40 successfully established large-scale solar power projects in the Japan."

Fuente: Juwi AG
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