Midsummer Receives Order for a DUO Thin Film Solar Cell Manufacturing System

Publicado el 10 may. 2016
Midsummer has received a repeat order for its compact DUO solar cell manufacturing system from a not yet named customer in the Far East.

The repeat order was placed after a successful "Acceptance Test" done in the end of 2015 where Midsummer's DUO system exceeded the promised efficiency specification with over 1 percentage point. Due to demand for lightweight, flexible modules the customer decided to buy another DUO manufacturing system, which will be delivered in the end of 2016. The Midsummer DUO is a compact, fully automatic deposition system for CIGS solar cell manufacturing. It's designed for high throughput, operational stability, optimized layer uniformity and superior material utilization.

"We have again shown that we are the leading provider of turnkey production lines of flexible thin film CIGS," said Sven Lindström, CEO, Midsummer. "Our focus on lightweight flexible modules appeals to the market, as well as our use of sputtering for all layers, and that the production process is an all-dry, all vacuum process."

Global solar energy market shifting to thin film solar cells 

"Fewer large scale solar energy parks are being built in Europe and the global solar cell market is facing a paradigm shift. Focus is shifting to installations on large buildings in cities. Lightweight and flexible thin film solar cells are ideal for this market. It is economically and environmentally more beneficial to use solar energy locally, where it is produced", Sven Lindström concluded.

Fuente: Midsummer
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