Tioga Energy Completes 3.34MW PV Systems for Union County, N.J.

Publicado el 12 dic. 2012
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On December 11, 2012, Tioga Energy announced the completion of 3.34MW in solar electric systems for Union County, N.J. Incorporating installations at 30 separate sites across the county, the project represents the largest public-private partnership of its kind in the United States.

The primarily rooftop systems range in size from less than 10kW to almost 500kW and provide solar electricity to a variety of municipality-owned facilities including area schools, libraries and a community center for senior citizens. All systems were installed through a joint venture between Pro-Tech Energy Solutions and Huen Electric, Inc, with Whitman providing design services.

Each system was financed through a 15-year SurePath™® Solar power purchase agreement (PPA) from Tioga Energy, who also owns and will operate the systems. To optimize project economics, Tioga worked with the Union County Improvement Authority to combine low-interest municipal bonds with solar renewable energy certificate (SREC) sales and federal tax incentives. Tioga Energy will sell the electricity generated by the systems to the county at rates that are approximately 50 percent lower than those of the local utility, enabling significant savings and a hedge against electricity pricing volatility.

"When site assessments revealed that many of our initial selections were not ideal targets for solar, our entire team of professionals stepped up to a major challenge and canvassed the area to secure new locations without compromising the scope of our renewable energy program," said Charlotte DeFilippo, Executive Director of the Union County Improvement Authority. "By generating energy for our community from the sun, Tioga is helping us to realize long-term savings while helping the State of New Jersey retain its position as a renewable energy leader in the U.S."

"These solar installations are saving taxpayer money on energy costs, creating a renewable energy source, and reducing pollution," said Freeholder Chairman Alexander Mirabella. "They are accomplishments all Union County residents can take pride in."

"This project underscores the importance of collaboration to build and sustain solar energy markets across the country," said Paul Detering, CEO of Tioga Energy. "Thanks to the combined efforts of the Union County Improvement Authority and a host of local agencies and facility managers, the county has achieved lasting benefits for its residents – and its budget."


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